The Mobile Strategy You Didn’t Know You Had – Mobile Emails and Mobile Websites

What does your website or email look like on a mobile device? We know, do you? After a great summer hiatus, a co-worker pointed out to me that it is post Labor Day (pre-Columbus Day) and high time for me to start blogging again. Conveniently, we’ve got some interesting news to share. I’ve done this […]

Did Measurement Kill the Creativity Star? Let’s ask Jacques Warren.

Question: what was the first video to appear on MTV? Answer: Video Killed the Radio Star (by The Buggles) And now on to my awkward transition… Goodbye to summer and hello to fall…and hello to football…and hello to apple picking and foliage…and hello to back-to-school…and hello to this week’s Marketing Speakeasy guest, Jacques Warren. Jacques […]

Keyword Opportunities: Using Explore To Find Data You Didn’t Know You Had

Most people know that the top performing natural keywords are almost always on the first page of search results and usually in the top couple results.  These are easy to identify in the Natural Search report, but may be difficult to improve on.  Frequently, SEO analysts will look for keywords that are not showing up […]

The Marco Polo World Order

Marco Polo, that intrepid adventurer, traveled from Europe to Asia and back, and as a result turned noodles into a staple of every college dorm: spaghetti with red sauce. However pleasing the image of a plate of marinara the idea of travel and location thematically drive this blog post which resulted form last week’s Facebook […]

The Godfather of Analytics

As some/many/most/all of you are aware, we’ve been pretty busy this month (with the IBM news). Apologies for the delay in providing this latest installment of the Marketing Speakeasy. It is our distinct pleasure to welcome this week’s guest, an accomplished author, an international consultant on marketing optimization and web metrics, the brains behind the […]