Of Sites, Microsites and Referring Sites: Ensuring Data Accuracy (and Giving Direct Load Its Due)

To avoid having one of your sites/microsites (or promotional sites) listed as a referring site in your reports (and therefore wrecking the accuracy of your data), you will need to add the site in question to your Client URLs list. This is a simple and straightforward step that will yield better, more reliable data, and […]

Memorial Day 2010

Ahhh Memorial Day, the unofficial kickoff to summer: cookouts, beaches, blockbuster movie premiers…the gamut of fun and activity. But in order to pass go and collect your figurative $200 in the Monopoly game of this most special of long holiday weekends, you likely have to grapple with traffic…a lot of traffic…traffic stretching for miles with […]

AOL Disabling Inactive Email Accounts

We’ve heard reports from numerous ESP partners and clients that AOL has been sending back large volumes of bounces due to the deactivation of old and unused email accounts. Although the exact reasons for what constitutes an inactive email account aren’t 100% clear the numbers and reports we’ve been seeing range anywhere from the documented […]

What’s Up Doc? The Prescription for Physician Marketing

Unica’s HQ is nestled is the high tech metropolis of Waltham Massachusetts, just outside of Boston along the 128 tech belt.  This means that most of us have a reasonable commute into work.  Thankfully Boston has decent radio programming between sports radio and NPR. I was pleasantly surprised on my ride home a couple of […]

Ad Testing, scheduling and more in Coremetrics Search 9

Today, we launched Coremetrics Search 9, a major upgrade to our PPC management solution. We’re very excited with the new features, which our great clients have requested. Here are some of the new capabilities: Ad A/B Testing Search marketers battle daily to stand out from the crowd with ads that maximize sales and conversions. They […]

News You Can Use: How Humana uses Attribution to Drive a Healthy Marketing Mix

With interactive marketing budgets more than doubling from 2009 to 2014*, it’s more important than ever to spend each precious dollar in the channel that will generate the best return. So how do you know which channel that is? Humana, a $31B Fortune 100 health and supplemental health benefits company, has a tried and true […]

Comcast Delivery Delays

We’ve heard from end mailers and from top-tier email service providers who are experiencing large queues attempting to deliver email to Comcast, one of the leading cable providers in North America. More than 5 separate email service providers have reported queue times from hours to days. The behavior appears to have started on Friday, May […]

Relentless Obsession – It’s a Good Thing!

If you were at our Client Summit last month, you may have heard Jeremy Gutsche of TrendHunter advise: “Relentlessly obsess about your customer.” At Coremetrics, the word “relentless” has special meaning. We use it to describe our philosophy about the art of marketing. As marketers, you must be steady and persistent in achieving your goals […]

On the Move – Unica Goes Mobile with Mobile Messenger

Greetings from the sunshine state.  Unica and hundreds of our customers are here for our annual user conference – the Marketing Innovation Summit (or MIS).  If you’re not here, you can follow the chatter on twitter (#unicamis).  If you are here, come hear my session on Wednesday morning where I will be talking about “Weaving […]

What I Learned From Nigerian Spammers

Unica’s Marking Innovation Summit 2010 kicked off with a big bang today complete with a band, comedian and all the fanfare associated with a premier marketing event. We walked into the conference hall to the sounds of Kool & The Gang a little weary from the night before but excited about the Keynote to be […]

Will Privacy Concerns Scare off Marketers from Using Facebook?

In my last post, I discussed the recent changes to Facebook and what they mean for marketers.  At the end of that article, I noted that marketers should proceed with caution and to keep tabs on how consumers reacted.  Since those comments, Facebook has been under fire with complaints from users, analysts and even governments about […]

Can You Overdose on Data? My Talk With Gavin Dunaway, ADOTAS

I recently had the opportunity to have lunch with Gavin Dunaway, senior editor at ADOTAS. Besides really enjoying meeting Gavin in person for the first time (and REALLY enjoying a delicious hot pastrami sandwich from Specialty’s), I also thought our topic of conversation was extremely thought provoking, especially given the current demands on marketers to […]