The New Face of Facebook – What the Changes Mean for Marketers

At the F8 Conference last week, Facebook made several major announcements.  More importantly these announcements have some big implications for marketers (and for consumers and their privacy).  Here are some quick highlights:

Real-Time Data, For Real-Time Marketers

The science of email Marketing is changing and evolving because of tectonic shifts taking place in the digital communication landscape.  The surging popularity of social networking web sites and applications is creating a new sphere for consumers to engage with brands at a deeper level than ever before.  Booming smart phone sales are putting email […]

Delivery Delays for

We’ve been monitoring what appears to be a deliverability delay at the ISP. Since about 7am PST/10am EST, mail bound for AOL has been delayed without any bounces sent back to the mailer. This scenario is generally indicative of a problem at the ISP; when the issue is corrected the queues will drain and mail […]

Giving Your Customers What They Ask For

William Greene, Senior Business Analyst Lately on this blog we have had a lot of excited discussion about the summit and forward thinking regarding social media. Behind the scenes though we are still working hard at bread and butter analytics and helping our clients to make data driven decisions. As such I wanted to illustrate […]

Retailers Take Note: iPad, iPhone Already Dominate Mobile Shopping

I just finished reading Natalie Zmuda’s Advertising Age article, IPad Posed to Revolutionize Retail Industry. It’s a provocative piece with obvious implications for the entire retail industry, but also for the way in which people shop and spend their free time. So I decided to use Coremetrics Benchmark™ to analyze mobile sales driven by iPad […]

Williams-Sonoma: Why Online Marketing Is Math and How Analytics Powers Profits

I had the pleasure of spending the evening with John Koryl, SVP, eCommerce Marketing & Analytics, Williams-Sonoma (and by the way, if you haven’t tried Williams-Sonoma’s amazing stuffed pancakes yet, do yourself a favor and order some today. They’re amazing and virtually guaranteed to “wow” your guests). John Koryl’s an interesting guy with a strong […]

Watch Joe Davis Keynote Live on April 28

We’re putting the finishing touches on Coremetrics Client Summit and the excitement is building! The agenda is packed with practical information that we think you’ll be able to use right away, along with a healthy dose of strategy and vision conversations. This year, we’re offering a live stream (registration required) of the keynote presented by […]

Benchmark Analysis – Avoiding Email Marketing’s Middle Path

Mr. Miyagi is chalk full of great advice when it comes to Email Marketing. Let’s contemplate this little gem: “Walk on road, hm? Walk left side, safe. Walk right side, safe. Walk middle, sooner or later get squish just like grape. Here, karate, same thing.” Or in our case, if the sage sensei were here […]

Google Buzz – The 3 Implications for Marketers

The arrival of Google Buzz last month represents another twist in the already confusing social media landscape. Personally, I don’t think Buzz will displace my existing hubs of social networking – Facebook for personal friends and LinkedIn for colleagues, and I’m not sure I have room in my life for yet another social network.  Although […]

Twitter Analytics in Unica NetInsight

Today Unica announced the addition of innovative social media marketing capabilities for users of our online marketing solutions. Among these capabilities are Social Media Analytics for Unica’s web analytics solution, NetInsight. And one component of these capabilities is the integration of Twitter analytics into website stats. More specifically, Unica’s Solutions Pack released today enables customers […]

Facebook Application and API Analytics in Unica NetInsight

Unica announced the addition of innovative social media marketing capabilities today. Among these capabilities are Social Media Analytics for Unica’s web analytics solution, NetInsight. Specifically, one of the components of the Solutions Pack released today encompasses analytics for Facebook applications. This enables marketers to gain insights on application usage and users including details from the […]