Social media seeking clarity…

A straightforward framework for social media in marketing execution. While there may be more comprehensive models, this straightforward approach has helped us on the same page. Not a lot of hype and buzzwords, just getting the job done.

Tracking Facebook ROI with Impression Attribution

Everyone has their favorite Facebook fan pages, for various reasons. John Deere–with over 154,000 fans–is a particular favorite of mine.  Take a look at their photo pages and you can find about 2,600 photos of happy John Deere customers (and yes, their dogs!) on their tractors. Fans upload their photos and share them with the […]

The Email Locker: 8 Years In The Spam Trenches | Part 1

Annalivia Ford recently joined Unica’s Email Operations team. She brings with her almost a decade of ISP experience. During the past 5-6 years, she’s been the voice of AOL, a beacon of hope to deliverability foot soldiers around the world, who have relied on her to give them the “straight talk” and help them help […]

Interview Series – Part 1: Special Guests Eric Peterson and John Lovett on Social Media Analytics

About a month ago our very own Boaz Ronkin wrote a blog post outlining the top 10 questions we at Coremetrics get on a regular basis regarding the topic of social media analytics. The post received A LOT of comments (anyone else want to chime in?) and we thought it would be helpful to bring […]

Facebook’s Kick-Ass: Restricted Worlds Collide

Let’s start with a confession: I went to the movies last night—and I went to see Hot Tub Time Machine! Yes, I admit it, I laughed till my belly ached, my eyes teared and my bladder wobbled on the verge of erupting. I’m tempted now to peg my pants in honor of the 80’s and […]

A Smarter hub for Dublin

I had the opportunity to be involved with the launch of IBM’s new Smarter Cities Technology Centre in Dublin.  Public and private sector are partnering together to make this a reality in Ireland. IBM opens its first Smarter Cities Technology Centre in Dublin, Ireland A smarter city needs a smart hub – a place where […]

Lycos Email Client Upgraded

Starting on March 23rd Lycos began to roll out a new email client. The new front end is powered by Zimbra, an open source collaboration suite. The roll-out of the new email client is happening in stages and is still ongoing as of the 25th of March. In addition to changing the email client changes […]

Tagging iPhone application

With iPhone applications becoming more pervasive, many of you who have iPhone applications or who are planning to have one may have few questions about application event tracking. So I thought I’d take a moment to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.   Can we track iPhone application activities in Coremetrics Analytics ? […]

Coremetrics Client Summit: Top Five Reasons to Attend

Coremetrics Client Summit is around the corner (April 27-29, 2010, in Austin, Texas).  Come hear our featured keynote speaker, Jeremy Gutsche, Founder of, talk about what’s hot (and what’s so last year), how to spot trends before your competitors see them, and how to galvanize your marketing team to drive results for the business. […]

Gmail’s March Madness

The NCAA Tournament started last Thursday which means that sports fanatics all over the country are consuming massive quantities of $0.99 Doritos, developing calluses changing channels frantically and going cross-eyed staring at their brackets. What I didn’t count on was Gmail joining the the festivities and filtering a significant amount of email to the junk […]

Video Alert: Talks to BloombergTV’s “Market Pulse”

Want to know how Kent Anderson, president of, thinks about delivering a multichannel experience to Macy’s customers? Or how supports the overall brand experience? Watch this interview with Anderson and Monica Bertran, anchor of BloombergTV’s “Market Pulse.” and

Peers and colleagues no more…

Once upon a time, the number one source of information for evaluating marketing software (and in fact almost any software) was “my peers, colleagues, and people like me.” But in a recent Unica survey of online marketers, we found that “peers and colleagues” finished dead last in sources of information. And that other offline sources did nearly as poorly.