So, what’s a web analytics STRATEGY vs. a TACTIC?

Your boss may say: “In 2010 let’s be more strategic with our web analytics. Let’s not get lost in the tactics” OK, so what’s a web analytics strategy vs. tactic then? The web analytics solution that you use is a tactic. The strategy is in the reports that you run. The reports that you run […]

It’s the End of the World as we know it, and the future looks cool

I think REM got it right with this song, a description of a major change in the world. As a child of the 80’s and growing up in the 90’s I get the unique experience of growing up with the internet and having my career grow with it. As a parent I get to watch […]

Implementation Success – Critical Success Factors

Often creating critical success factors for an implementation project is skipped all together or is a laundry list of functionality.  When this activity is given its proper importance it can transform a project.  Why, you may ask?  Because when an implementation team takes the time to create tangible, achievable and measurable critical success factors (CSF’s) […]

Don’t miss this webinar: Web analytics for driving your entire business (not just your website)

This Thursday, Angie Brown from Elsevier is presenting live in a webinar within the Web Analytics Association’s webcast series.  She is going to share some very clever examples of her web analytics work at the publishing giant. I had the chance to listen to Angie’s presentation live at Unica’s annual customer conference earlier this year […]

Social Media Metrics to Fit Your (Secret) Business Goals

Social media are challenging and humbling. The discussion of how marketers should use them is often clouded by vague recommendations, niche anecdotes, and buzzword mania. The confusion has also impacted marketing analysts. More than ever they are facing questions of what can be measured and how. But very often there is neither a clear business […]

The Personalization Gap

Online channels offer marketers the potential to finally communicate with customers and prospects in a truly <pick your well-worn, two decade-old buzzword: 1-to-1, dialog, right offer/person/time> manner. The flood of data individuals produce as they respond to online campaigns (or not), browse web sites, post comments and feedback, etc. speaks volumes about what’s relevant to them. And […]

A Wizard for Paid Search (PPC) Optimization

This wizard is for any marketer looking to get more results from their search engine pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns (and who isn’t?). It walks the analyst through a series of steps for increasing results, e.g. by eliminating wasted spending, identifying missed opportunities, improving the persuasion process, or optimizing budget allocation. Click here to start the wizard […]