Back to School—with Cutting-Edge Collaboration

September 15, 2016 | Collaborat​ion, Millennial​s

There’s never been a more exciting time to be in college. With the information and expertise that’s available today, and the technology that enables us to access it, the academic experience is richer than ever—and collaboration plays a critical role. The IBM Academic Initiative helps educators teach students market-ready skills, and provides an avenue to more

Managing Millennials: 5 Common Issues Leaders Face

August 24, 2016 | Employee Engagement, Millennial​s

Managing teams is hard, but managing teams of diverse ages and experience levels can be even harder. A popular tool for managers is Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. The book outlines five common ways teams fail, but it doesn’t directly address managing different ranges of experience and age. With the spotlight more

Bring Collaboration Technologies out of the Shadows

June 28, 2016 | Collaborat​ion, Millennial​s

If there is one thing we know about our millennial workforce, it is that they want what they want when they want it. And this is certainly true of collaboration technologies. When that high-potential sales rep wants a better way to communicate with her customers or colleagues, and IT tells her to get in line more

A Winning Strategy for Millennial Engagement: Co-Creation

June 9, 2016 | Millennial​s

The millennial generation has been characterized in many ways: entitled, narcissistic, impatient, and unpredictable — to name a few. Are these accurate representations of what is now the largest generation in the United States, or an excuse for our inability to connect with them? Times are changing for sure, and odds are your marketing department more

Why Your Audience Is Listening to DJ Khaled on Snapchat

May 4, 2016 | Customer Engagement, Millennial​s

“They don’t want us to eat breakfast. Enjoy it.” On an average morning, millions of viewers might hear these empowering words from the Snapchat profile of DJ Khaled, a Miami-based music producer and media personality. In an iconic segment of his Snapchat videos, Khaled starts off most mornings walking into the kitchen, greeting his chef, more

How a Taylor Swift Cycling Class Got Me Thinking about Marketing

March 8, 2016 | Millennial​s

If you’re like me, wintry weather can make working out seem less than desirable. Treadmill runs become tedious and walks to the gym become increasingly dreadful with snow-banked sidewalks obstructing the way. I was approaching the regretful yet inevitable end to my New Year’s resolution when a good friend asked me if I was interested more

Let Go of Your Ego – TED@IBM 2015

January 5, 2016 | Collaborat​ion, Events, Millennial​s...

In his TED@IBM 2015 talk, “Why young people today hold more power than ever before,” Jared Kleinert starts with examples of millennials who have achieved remarkable success at a young age. From the teenager who found a much faster, cheaper way to detect pancreatic cancer to the 20-year-old who started a news delivery company that more