Sr. Associate Offering Manager, IBM Collaboration Solutions

A Single Destination for Developers: Explore the New Developer Center

September 27, 2018 | Collaborat​ion

Apps, extensions, widgets — mechanisms that showcase the creativity and innovation of our developers. Developers who empower people to collaborate, co-create, and complete action through the use of social technology. Similar to the technologies they build, developers embody the spirit of collaboration — creating and contributing code together on open source projects, leveraging one another’s more

The Role Model for Customizations – Introducing the Visual Update 1 for IBM Connections

December 20, 2017 | Collaborat​ion

Enterprise employees are expecting more “consumer-like” designs for enterprise solutions used within the workplace. As part of the IBM Connections “Pink” vision, the IBM Collaboration Solution’s Design team has been crafting a new design specification for our developers to use when building new offerings. These specifications were curated through multiple Design Thinking exercises and extensive more