Sametime Limited Use 10.0: What You Need to Know

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Sametime Limited Use 10.0 is live!


Sametime Limited Use is essentially a “chat-only” version of Sametime for entitled Notes/Domino customers. It includes Sametime Community Server/Sametime Proxy Server / All 3 clients: rich, web, and mobile.


Kathleen Brady Jackson and Pat Galvin hosted a webcast in May to go through the new value it offers to Domino customers. If you attended, you also heard our vision for the future product roadmap of Sametime, which includes integration with third-party conferencing vendors, Docker support, and improved co-existence with Domino. You can listen to the playback of that webcast here. Lots of people attended, and also submitted lots of questions. 


You can download Sametime Limited Use 10.0 by accessing Passport Advantage and logging in the way you normally would, depending on if you’re a customer or business partner.

If there is more that you would like to see with Sametime, please create an enhancement request for this in AHA.

As promised, here are answers to the questions we weren’t able to cover in the webcast.



Q: Will the system log chats to a single target location for the user whether they use one or multiple methods (Notes Client, iNotes, Traveler (via Connections Chat)?
A: Yes – the server-side storage will all be to the same location regardless of the source of the message.


Q: Can you run Sametime 10 Proxy Server with Sametime 9.01 Community Servers? So combined architecture?
A: No – in order to take advantage of the new features, both the Sametime Proxy and the Sametime Community Server must be on the same version.  


Q: In the policy it will be possible to disable the using of the Sametime for a specific user?
A: Not sure what is meant by disable ALL of Sametime for a specific user or just the new feature(s)? The new Sametime Limited Use V10 features are controllable via policy – but not disabling Sametime in general. 


Q: Would it be any easier to implement plugin customization with embedded chat to connect with IBM Connections Cloud.
A: Yes – just like customers were able to do it before. You can configure it to connect to any on-prem or cloud server.


Q: With removal of the SSC for ST10-LU; where will the policies and other admin items be accessed/updated and also stored (still in Db2, or back in Domino)?
A: We will be documenting this – in short, there will be no UI provided in Sametime Limited Use V10, but most things are obvious (stconfig.nsf, sametime.ini, etc) – the hardest part is policy management. Policies are configured using XML files and Db2 is still required for Sametime proxy configuration related to mobile clients.


Q: If we are running Domino 9, which version of Sametime should we be using?
A: Sametime Limited Use V10 will install on Domino 9.01 FP10 32-bit. Support for 64-bit is intended to follow.



Q: Is ST Limited Use V10 also compatible with Sametime 9.0? If not, is an update to ST 9.0.1 FP mandatory?
A: Yes – it is backward compatible, but in order to get the ST Limited Use V10 experience, we recommend not running in a mixed environment.


Q: Can I install Sametime Limited Use v10 on a server running IBM Domino 10 and IBM Traveler?
A: The initial release of Sametime Limited Use V10 will need to be deployed on Domino 9.01 FP10, with support for Domino 10 (64-bit) intended to follow.
Q: Is the Sametime 10 Limited Use Server compatible with Notes 8.5.3 clients using the embedded Sametime 8.5.2?
A: No – not tested or supported.
Q: Will persistent chat work with my ST9.x (existing) environment if my mail servers and mail files are upgraded to 10.0.1, or must the ST version be 10.x?
A: The Sametime server version needs to be on Sametime Limited Use v10 for persistent chat to work.


Q: Can I use Sametime 10 with Domino Notes 9 or do I need a fixpack?
A: The Sametime Limited Use V10 Community Server requires Domino 9.01 FP10.
Q: Is there a mobile app for use with “persistent chat”?
A: Yes – Sametime mobile apps with persistent chat are intended to be released.




Q: Is there a Beta Test cycle planned for the server code?
A: We are not offering a public beta for Sametime Limited Use V10 at this time.
Q: Are ST10 LU early release participants being allowed? (beta). Will there be a beta of ST V11? 
A: We are not offering a public beta for Sametime Limited Use V10 at this time. We intend to offer a beta of Sametime V11. 
Q: We are re-introducing Sametime (we left Sametime when Websphere/DB2 got in the mix). Are there resources available to get technical deployment information? Any sandbox environment?
A: Absolutely! We’ll have documentation available. Our L2/L3 team is always available, should you have any questions or need help when deploying. We currently don’t have a public sandbox available.




Q: Is MongoDB required even if the persistent chat is not enabled?
A: We currently don’t support installing Sametime Limited Use V10 without MongoDB. 
Q: Try very, VERY hard to get rid of Websphere by R11 – we may be more inclined to switch platforms if we cannot get rid of this complexity.
A: Point noted. We are working towards that direction. Currently, Sametime Proxy server (needed for web client and mobile clients) is the component in Sametime Limited Use V10 that requires WebSphere.
Q: Until WAS and Db2 is gone, it’s still complicated
A: We are working towards eliminating those components.
Q: Will there be a migration path from the current Mongo DB to a Domino DB when it becomes available?
A: Yes – the logistics and roadmap for that are still being discussed.
Q: Just to confirm, Sametime10 uses WAS and DB2? and Sametime11 will not have WAS and DB2.
A: For Sametime Proxy – we still use WebSphere and Db2 (for push notifications). We intend to remove this dependency in a future release.
Q: Does ST10 Limited use WebSphere?
A: The Sametime Proxy server is the only component that requires WebSphere.


Q: But concerning Sametime LU, you need WAS only for the SSC. This would mean, that we can install the Community Server on Domino without WAS/SSC?
A: Yes – you can install Community (and Sametime Proxy) without the Sametime System Console in Sametime Limited Use V10 – however, we do need WebSphere for the Sametime Proxy Server component. 


Q: ST10 LU won´t have WAS and DB2, but will it still have ST Proxy ? Will it have integration with iNotes and/or Verse?
A: WebSphere and Db2 is required only for the Sametime Proxy Server. The roadmap for integration is still being discussed.


Q: If we start using Mongo DB, after that we will need to convert data from Mongo DB to Domino and most of the customers that already use Sametime already have IBM Domino servers.
A: Yes – the logistics and roadmap for that are still being discussed.


Q: Will HCL still be using the IBM Websphere Application Server platform for Sametime Complete version 10?
A: We plan to remove the WebSphere dependency from all Sametime components. The timing for when that can be accomplished has not yet been finalized. We specifically use WebSphere for the Sametime Proxy in Sametime Limited Use V10.


Q: The description of the HCL hosted ‘clearinghouse’ sounds nice but raises some possible security concerns.  I imagine if the customers generate/manage their own keys,etc. 
A: We’ll be taking into account the security aspects of this feature as we architect and plan. Please create an enhancement request for this in AHA.
Q: Can you provide us a road map for future support of Sametime meetings, video, gateway server, etc.?
A: We are still working through the details on that. We intend to make something public when plans are finalized.
Q: Will there ever be Sametime Connectors again (external chat services, yammer, etc.)?
A: Please create an enhancement request for this in AHA.
Q: What will happen after 11? I am assuming that there will be a Sametime 12 released at the same time of Domino 12?
A: That’s the goal!


Q: Any chance of Sametime11 onwards to be used in online web chat support from websites?
A: Please create an enhancement request for this in AHA.


Q: What is the recommended path for a new company to get into Sametime?
A: We suggest you contact your Account Rep for assistance with determining the best path for your organization. 
Q: What is the server required?  Is it just a single Domino server?
A: Yes – the Sametime Community Server requires a single Domino Server. If you plan to support mobile and web users, you will need a Sametime Proxy Server. 


Q: How many servers do I need to run Sametime on-prem?
A: Sametime can be run on one single server but it will depend on deployment size and hardware specifications.


Q: When you say HCL will reduce the footprint of Sametime, how many servers should we expect to deploy on Sametime 11 full deployment?
A: We don’t have all the logistics on that yet but certainly working towards requiring fewer servers.


Q: When will Sametime Limited Use V10 show up for download on the Passport Advantage website for entitled accounts?
A: It’s available here. You can log in there depending on if you are a customer or a business partner.
Q: If we use only Sametime within Notes Client or Sametime Clients, would a single (Domino) Sametime Server enough, or do we need a Proxy Server, too?
A: You only need the Sametime Proxy Server if you use the web client or mobile client.


Q: Do you still need a full Sametime license on both ends to be able to exchange screenshots and attachments?
A: The licensing model has not changed in this area.
Q: There was no Sametime app for android, I have used “Anda” for years and it worked. 
A: The Android app is under the name “IBM Connections Chat.”


Q: Just to be clear with licensing… the mobile is free with the limited use license but how about persistent chat? Is that included in the limited use?
A: Yes – Persistent chat is included with the Sametime Limited Use V10 license.


Q: Some Sametime 9 Server components are only supported on RHEL 6 (STVMCU & STVMGR); and this presents a huge problem for entities being forced to stay current with OS versions by security departments. Will Sametime 10 Server products, especially Sametime Complete, be supported on RedHat 8 and Windows 2019?  If so, when?
A: The Sametime Limited Use V10 is a ‘chat only’ update. It does not include those specific components. We intend to address those issues in a later release of Sametime.

Q: What are the Windows server version support with the next Sametime Limited version 10 32 bits . 
A: You’ll see the system requirements when we release Sametime Limited Use V10 – Windows 2016 Server will be supported!
Q: What about support for the Mac?
A: With Sametime Limited Use V10 we will release a Mac standalone client initially with an Embedded client to follow.
Q: Support for iSeries?
A: This is under discussion.
Q: What are the options available in the version 10 limited version ? Can I share files ?
Q: What can we do in the Sametime Limited Use V10 version? Can I share pictures? Can I connect users with mobile devices? Can I attach files?
A: Screen capture and file transfer are not capabilities of Sametime Limited Use. However, entitlement to mobile is via the required Notes/Domino license.


Q: What is the migration plan from ST9.0.1.x to ST 10 and/or ST 11. Will it be a build new environment and move to it?
A: Yes – it will be a new parallel environment. One option would be to move users via a DNS switch. 
Q: Are there going to be complete install guides on how to install these various versions?
A: Yes!
Q: Will the recommendation for Sametime Limited Use V10 be in-place upgrades or a fresh install?
A: It will be a fresh install. 

If there is more that you would like to see with Sametime, please create an enhancement
request for this in AHA. Thank you! 
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