IBM Collaboration at Think 2019

Success in San Francisco

Think 2019 was a rousing success. Sessions were packed, we have smart recaps from our customers and Champions, bold announcements and exciting roadmaps. It opened with our standing-room-only Community Day, where more than 250 people came from around the world to hear the latest news and roadmaps for the IBM Collaboration Solutions portfolio.

The opening video, which told the comeback story of Domino V10 and traced the product’s history from IBM’s purchase of Lotus Notes to the recent upgrade, set the tone for the day. The video won praise for its candor, acknowledging the darker days of Domino before celebrating the product’s revitalization and the Team Yellow excitement around Domino V10.

Hard Work: What Bridges Reality and Dreams

Bob Schultz, GM of IBM Watson Talent and Collaboration Solutions, kicked off the morning by highlighting some of the most impressive stats around the global rollout of Domino V10. “We didn’t know how powerful #TeamYellow really was — how invigorated you could be. We had no idea how much power and energy you would lend to make Domino V10’s launch one for the record books.” Bob also spoke candidly about the HCL acquisition, giving the group a general roadmap for when the deal is expected to be complete and how it might impact current and future work. He then brought Richard Jefts Vice President & General Manager Collaborative Workflow Platforms at HCL Technologies to the stage. Richard reiterated HCL’s commitment to the collaboration portfolio, saying, “the bridge between reality and dreams is hard work.”

Domino: The Future is Yellow

The enthusiasm about Domino, building off the recent launch, was palpable. Andrew Manby, IBM director of product management, shared a high-level “State of the Union” for Domino, highlighting impressive numbers for the Domino V10 release, the results of Forrester’s TEI study and an overall review of “the Year of Yellow.”  Matt Seeberger, a systems analyst for a US-based logistics firm, when asked about his favorite feature, said: “It’s solid and it works. I don’t have to worry about the platform running and being stable.” The highlight of the day came when Luis Guirigay, Worldwide Executive IT Specialist for IBM, gave the live Domino V10 demo, wowing the room with how Domino integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Twitter, Alexa, Siri and more. An overheard comment from the crowd: “Domino hasn’t had demos this impressive in 20 years.”

Connections: The Future Looks Bright

After the morning break, the focus turned to Connections. Amy Stonesifer, Lead Application Analyst at Memorial Hermann Health System, one of the country’s largest hospital networks based in Houston, Texas, shared the compelling story of how a collaboration tool became a lifeline. When phones lines were down, and the city was underwater during Hurricane Harvey, 26,000 employees were able to stay in touch using Connections. Danielle Baptiste, director of product management at IBM, took the stage to announce a series of future Connections Jams that will help shape the roadmap for future development.

More Power-Packed Sessions

Later in the week, Andrew Manby and Richard Jefts returned to the stage in a full room on the main exhibition floor for a first look at upcoming releases, noting that Domino has successfully repositioned itself from being mail-only to truly being low code. Andrew emphasized that V11 will be focused on a better business-user experience. Richard mentioned “improved searching and reporting” as priorities for V11. The crowd was especially happy to hear plans for mobile apps for both Android and Chrome.

Yellow Ping Pong Balls Forever!

The ICS reception at SPiN, a fun spot near the main conference venue, offered a chance for people to eat, drink and enjoy music and each other’s company — plus, ping pong with yellow table tennis balls that had the #dominoforever hashtag emblazened on each one.

The enthusiasm at Think and about IBM Collaboration Solutions was resounding, from all sides. Hear from our IBM Champions at C3UG, and read how Mat Newman, an ICS global executive, breaks down the whole week.

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