Webcast Q&A: IBM Domino Mobile Apps

Thank you for attending the November 29 webcast Essential How-To’s for IBM Domino® Mobile Apps on how to create mobile solutions from your Domino applications. We showed you how easy it is to extend the value of your proven applications to your “road warriors” and executives, and how fast you can have your first application up and running on an iPad.

Below are the links and additional resources that were mentioned during the webcast. As promised, we have also answered the questions that we were not able to cover in the session.

Additional questions and answers from the webcast


Q: Will Domino Mobile Apps be available for Domino Utility Server Express?
A: Yes, we intend to make it available for Utility & Utility Express licenses as well.

Q: When will Domino Mobile Apps be available (eGA)?
A: For now, the most appropriate statement is “available soon” as the release is still pending quality review and Apple AppStore review.

Q: How will IBM Domino Mobile Apps be distributed after going gold?
A: The intent is to distribute the IBM Domino Mobile App via the Apple B2B app store.

Q: I would like to join the beta program. How do I do that?
A: To join the beta program, start by opening this link on your iPad. After registering at the link above you will be redirected to an Apple website. This website contains two buttons — one for installing TestFlight, and another for starting the TestFlight of Domino Mobile Apps. That’s all you have to do. First time setup of Domino Mobile Apps is explained in this technote.

Q: I haven’t received the TestFlight invitation email yet.
A: You do not need an invitation at all — just make sure you use your iPad when opening this website, then follow the instructions on the page.

Q: What are the plans for Android and iPhone?
A: Android and iPhone are on the roadmap. The screen size of an iPhone requires more work in order to provide a usable application. However, both are in the plan.

Q: Will the final version be a new install once it’s not in beta?
A: Yes, it will have to be a new installation because the current one is under the control of Apple TestFlight and cannot be converted to production.

Q: What is the minimum iOS version for IDMA?
A: It’s iOS 11.3.

Q: Which TCP/IP Port is used for communication between IBM Domino Mobile Apps and the Domino server?
A: It is port 1352, the same as for the Notes Client.

Q: Does Domino Mobile in the current Beta allow you to connect to a remote server?
A: Yes.

Q: What do I have to install in my server environment to test IBM Domino Mobile Apps?
A: Nothing! This is a client application, so you just have to install it on your iPad and connect your iPad directly to your Domino server. A network connection between your iPad and the server is required. Using an IDVault is helpful but not required.

Q: Will LotusScript work local on the iOS Device?
A: LotusScript code will execute locally on the iPad.

Q: Anything built-in for using iPad camera?
A: This is possible already. You can use the camera to take pictures and attach them directly to a Notes RichText field.

Q: IDMA does not run Java agents, Windows API calls, or MS Office automation, correct?
A: Correct. Apple does not allow java at all. Furthermore, Apple iOS is not Windows, so you will not be able to use Windows API calls.

Q: How did you detect that the app is running on iOS and change the landing page for that?
A: You can use an @Formula to detect the platform your application runs on.

Q: Is IBM going to update the sample templates?
A: Yes, we would like to make these updated templates available. Stay tuned.

Q: How do you put a document into edit mode from read?
A: You can either have an Edit button in the Action bar like a Standard Domino app, or Hard Press the document and you will see an Edit Document option.

Q: Can I test IBM Domino Mobile Apps in any iPad simulator?
A: No, you will not have access to the application package (*.ipa).

Q: Is it possible to allow apps access on iPad only for few users and not all?
A: Yes. There are several methods to get this done:

  1. Define who in your organization will have access to IBM Domino Mobile Apps.
  2. In the source code of the application, use @Platform to identify Domino Mobile Apps clients and reject access.

Q: XPages can be used in the Notes client (XPiNC). Would they work in IDMA?
A: No. XPiNC is using the local Java runtime but Apple does not allow any Java runtimes on the iPad. Sorry, XPiNC apps will not work.

Q: Does @URLOpen(“notes://server/path”) open a database in IDMA?     
A: Yes.

Q: My Domino application already is using a Browser UI as opposed to the Notes Client UI.  Will those apps be working in Domino Mobile Apps?
A: If your Domino application already is working fine in the browser, it can be accessed on an iPad without using IBM Domino Mobile Apps.

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