Think Big Challenge: Let the Games Begin!

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As a leadup to technology’s most important event of the year, IBM Collaboration Solutions has launched the Think Big Challenge, a fun game for our extended family of technology pros around the world. Let’s show everyone how smart we are!

Two teams have signed up for this exciting competition and our contest kicks off Monday, December 3, and culminates with one winning team being named and given prizes at the IBM Collaboration Solutions Community Day during Think 2019.

2018 IBM Champions Paul Withers and Daniel Lieber will be co-captains of team #YellowLivesOn and Amy Stonesifer and William Malchisky will serve as co-captains of team #BigYellowThinkers. Both will begin recruiting their squads today. Teams will participate in a series of fun challenges related to Think, Domino, the future of work and other related topics. Each activity is assigned a point value based on level of difficulty and new challenges will be added regularly throughout the competition.

All tasks should be submitted via Twitter using the team hashtag and tagging @IBMSocialBiz. We’ll keep score and provide weekly updates on the standings.

Ready to play? The first step: Join a team. The next step? Be a winner! Will you be Team #YellowLivesOn or Team #BigYellowThinkers? Visit their Twitter pages to get to know them and ask any questions.

Team #YellowLivesOn


Paul Withers @PaulSWithers

Daniel Lieber @danlieber

Team #BigYellowThinkers


Amy Stonesifer @StonesiferAmy

William Malchisky @BillMalchisky


Team Actions:

  1. Member commits to a team via Twitter using the team hashtag. (1 point per member)
  2. Member registers for Think 2019 and announce his or her registration via Twitter. (1 point per member)
  3. Team with most members registered for Think 2019 by January 11. (10 points)
  4. Team with most members registered for Think 2019 by January 25. (10 points)
  5. Team with most members registered for Think 2019 by February 12 (10 points)
  6. Member posts a photo wearing something yellow. (1 point per member, per post)
  7. Every Monday we’ll post a #TweetOfTheWeek” from @IBMSocialBiz, and the most retweets from a team wins. Be sure to include your team hashtag in the retweet! (10 points per week)
  8. Submit a list of 10 creative use cases for Domino and Watson APIs. The best list wins. Must be submitted by January 22. (10 points)
  9. Design a suggested logo entry for Domino V11. Must be submitted by January 15. (5 points per entry, max 25 points per team, best logo gets 10 bonus points)
  10. Create a photo collage with team members holding “#dominoforever” signs. Tag each team member in your post. Must be submitted by February 1.(1 point per team member in the photo)
  11. Photo of most team members physically together in one place prior to arriving in San Francisco. Must be submitted by February 11. (10 points)
  12. Re-create Red Hat’s people-powered billboard campaign for Domino and at least five team members participating.(10 points)
  13. Each Monday, we’ll post a yellow-themed photo. Submit a creative caption by the end of the day Thursday. The team with the best caption wins. (5 points per week)
  14. Wear all yellow to IBM Collaboration Solutions Community Day. The team with the most members in all yellow wins. (20 points)
  15. Create a fun Domino app that leverages REST APIs and present it at our IBM Collaboration Solutions Community Day at Think 2019. (50 points)
  16. Wild Card: Team picks their own Domino-related activity to perform before the start of IBM Collaboration Solutions Community Day. (20 points for entering, 40 points for the best entry)

Have fun and may the best team win!


Disclaimer: The Think Big Challenge is intended to be a fun, team-building experience, and participation does not count towards any learning credits or certifications. IBM holds the right to determine and award points.

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