A Single Destination for Developers: Explore the New Developer Center

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Apps, extensions, widgets — mechanisms that showcase the creativity and innovation of our developers. Developers who empower people to collaborate, co-create, and complete action through the use of social technology. Similar to the technologies they build, developers embody the spirit of collaboration — creating and contributing code together on open source projects, leveraging one another’s functions and algorithms to build quicker, or sharing knowledge with those in need.

Whether you are building the next AI-powered bot for Watson Workspace, augmenting the IBM Connections platform with new collaborative tools, or building out integrations into IBM Connections Engagement Center, you and your fellow developers require fundamental tools, documentation, and repositories to ensure your work can be adopted by the community. We cherish developers and truly value your contributions. Together, we will strengthen the ecosystem around Collaboration Solutions and co-develop the future together.

In talking to our developer community, we recognized that the time had arrived to build a new home for developers. They suggested that this new space aggregates the most essential tools our developers need to grow their skills and build for the community, features hands-on labs and sample code to catalyze development efforts, and highlights intriguing projects built by the community — such as applying social technology to new use cases through articles and blogs.

Today, I am here to announce that we are pushing the code into production for our new IBM Collaboration Solutions Developer Center.



The new Developer Center replaces previous developerWorks pages and will be the single destination for developers. We have migrated over relevant existing content and will be publishing new content regularly. With the launch of the new Developer Center, our passionate subject matter experts have curated a series of fresh new content focusing on emerging technology in collaboration: server-less computing, artificial intelligence, and low-code programming. Some notable highlights to start exploring include:

  • The “Building with Watson” Series by Joe Russo,
  • The “Serverless” series by Scott Chapman,
  • The Visual Update 1 Announcement by Sam Bobo

Content on the Developer Center should not be authored by IBM only, rather, we are looking for new contributions from our community. When an expert shares knowledge with you, you grow as a developer — and it works both ways. Do you have a great example to share? Give others the benefit of your experience by contributing to this site with articles, videos, and blog posts.

When you give, you also:

  • Build eminence. When you share what you know, others notice. Over time, you become recognized as a subject matter expert, and can even help shape the evolution of technologies important to you.
  • Grow professionally. When you create content such as articles or videos, you preserve your knowledge and build a library that you can point to. Other developers can collaborate with you more easily, and prospective employers get a full picture of who you are–both your skills and your role as an influencer.
  • Help others help you. Sharing knowledge encourages others to share with you. Give someone a head start on a tough topic, and they’re more likely to return the favor.

I encourage you to start exploring the new Developer Center — contribute to open projects available on our GitHub pages or create your own repository to showcase your work for others to see. Let’s collaborate to co-create the future, together!

Check out the new IBM Collaboration Solutions Developer Center today.

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