The Next Era: Hear from Bob Schultz, Our GM

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How does IBM Collaboration Solutions help people work smarter and maintain its global leadership in technology? By creating great products and strong ecosystems – the kind that endure, that turn customers into advocates. As we march toward the World Premiere of Domino V10 in October, this is more true than ever.

For more than 30 years, Domino has been the backbone of millions of critical business applications. But to its users, it’s even more than that. Never have I seen such a passionate and engaged customer base. “Team Yellow,” as they refer to themselves, can be seen at user groups and other events sporting the brand’s signature color. Even to this day, Team Yellow proudly pose for photographs (even photobombing Ginni!) with placards bearing the words “I AM,” a nod to the brand’s legendary 1999 advertising campaign. Some even claim to “bleed yellow” – that’s how invested they are in Domino. And with the release of Domino V10, we’re telling the world that we are, too.

By now it should be clear – we are all Team Yellow, and we came to win. Join us, and be part of this unforgettable experience. 


General Manager, IBM Watson Talent and Collaboration Solutions

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