Domino V10: Behind the Beta

Last week we took a big step in our journey towards IBM Domino V10 by releasing Beta 2 — inviting the broader dev community to help bring back Domino, better than ever.

Over the past month, members of the Beta 1 program have had the opportunity to explore the latest version of IBM Domino Server, IBM Domino Designer, and the IBM Notes Client. The testers were able to see improvements to the revised workspace, self-healing clusters, extended database limits, and more.

Building on best practices from the #domino2025 Jam sessions earlier this year, the beta program team is using IBM Connections communities to gather feedback and insights from participants. It has been nothing short of amazing to see the community in action — just minutes after the forum was opened, engaged users began to share feedback, provide suggestions, and discuss findings directly with HCL developers.

Here are a few of our favorite comments from the Beta 1 forum:

I’ve been playing with Domino V10 beta since day 1 and it’s amazing to see some of the new features pre-announced during last month live! Domino V10 base has not changed, it’s rock solid and this beta 1 has worked fine from the beginning. I really appreciate the New Relic integration that’s easy and simple, and in just one minute you can collect a lot of useful analytics. Notes V10 has some nice smart features that make the end-user’s life simpler, like the forward of multiple mails as attachments or the MS Office integration as an editor. I also like the new personalization of Notes Workspace and mail theme that allows you to customize Notes look to match the corporate brand. Can’t wait to see what’s new in the beta 2! — Matteo Bisi, Factor-y

On the journey to Domino V10 that should be delivered in the last quarter of 2018, the closed Beta 1 was the first pit stop and delivered as promised during June. What we saw and tested was a very stable server version and new features added to the client. The IBM and HCL team was very fast in answering questions and reacting to the input given. We are looking forward to see more in the next project phase, but so far we were impressed on what was achieved already. — Sandra Bühler, Belsoft

After Think, I thought I already knew what features would be available with Notes V10 and I was eager to test them once Beta 1 got released. We did get all the features presented but I did not expect to get so many additional features for the Domino Server as well. I particularly liked the already very stable release and the interaction we had in the forum and Watson Workspace spaces. All participants in the beta, customers, business partners, IBM and HCL are all working with a very high dedication and energy on this beta to make the product ready for the launch. — Andreas Ponte, Belsoft

Thanks to all our critical Beta 1 testers, and to highly qualified input from IBM Champions such as Daniel Nash, Ulrich Krause, and Andrew Pollack among others, more than 26 defects were found and fixed, with only a handful of defects still being worked on.

We know that user feedback helps us build better products, and at the CWP Factory Tour in July, we invited guests to unleash their imagination. These select “Golden Ticket” holders were invited to a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-themed inside look at the development process, meeting with engineers and executives in face-to-face conversations. To read more about the excitement around the CWP Factory Tour, take a look at these blogs by Andrew Magerman and Paul Withers.

Another boost to the #domino2025 roadmap was the launch of our new Product Ideas Forum, which provides the tooling necessary for product managers to build a solid product roadmap. Andrew Manby, Director of Offering Management at IBM Collaboration Solutions, has blogged about the purpose of the feedback forum in more detail here, and more than one thousand ideas have been submitted since its launch. Our product management and development teams are reviewing every single submission, including broad ideas like this one. Another example of a clearly defined submission has come from IBM Champion Paul Withers — setting the benchmark for quality and thoughtfulness high in the Product Ideas Forum. Thank you, Paul!

With the launch Beta 2 this week we’re adding over one thousand more testers to the 300 people who were with us for Beta 1. We’re excited about the passion that you have brought to the development of Domino V10 so far, and together, we are working to deliver new features and requirements as a result of Beta 2. Like you, we can’t wait for the unveiling of Domino V10 in October. Keep an eye out on Destination Domino for the latest news and countdown to the World Premiere of Domino V10 across the globe.