New Improvements to Your Verse On-Premises Experience

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Last week, Verse On-Premises 1.0.4 “shipped” — marking another important step in providing users with a world-class, browser-based mail experience.

In 1.0.4, we focused on ease of use and extensibility: Increased availability of mail when offline, an improved experience when using a custom name picker, and the ability to view an individual’s Notes ID within the Verse client will help Notes users in your organization adopt the Verse experience.

Additional information is now also available for any custom processing done before an email is sent, giving your organization additional control over the size of attachments. In addition, integration with any third party file repository now allows you to easily add attachments from your chosen repository.

Verse On-Premises 1.0.4 highlights include:

• Calendar invitations may now be accepted directly from the calendar pop-up card. No more need to open the invitation from your inbox.


• You can now access up to 30 days of mail in offline mode, allowing you to be more productive off the network and on the go.

• You can now view Notes IDs in the Verse user experience.


• Verse can now be configured to integrate any third-party file repository, allowing you to easily attach files directly from the repository.

VOP-image-4 VOP-image-3

• Additional customization enhancements include a custom name picker option when selecting recipients for the to:, cc:, or bcc:, as well as the ability to provide customized information before an email is sent regarding attachment name and size, and bcc: recipients.

Please read the software announcement here for more information. The development team is gearing up to bring you quarterly Verse On-Premises improvements and in the meantime — keep your eyes out for all that is to come in Domino V10!

Program Director, Offering Management, IBM Collaboration Solutions

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