Customize and Automate Content-Centric Digital Business Processes, Using Box Relay

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Despite the promise of digital transformation, knowledge workers’ days are still obstructed by time-consuming, repetitive tasks related to creating, reviewing and approving content. These manual processes destroy value and slow down cycle times for core business activities, such as finalizing contracts or onboarding new customers.

Existing technologies do not fix this inefficiency because they are too static and hard to use. They fail to connect disparate data sources while simultaneously being agile and intuitive enough for anyone in the business to create, track and adjust. Organizations need technology that seamlessly fits into how and where work really gets done.

Box Relay, co-developed by IBM and Box, is the first solution designed specifically to help workers across the enterprise automate their own processes — such as getting content reviewed and approved.

Box Relay is introducing three new product features that will not only further automate user workflows, but enable organizations to connect Relay to core business processes that occur in external systems. These new features make it easier for anyone in the business to seamlessly incorporate process automation and standardization into their daily work streams. These three new features are:

Content Upload Triggers
Relay can now automatically launch a workflow when a user or external system moves a file into a pre-specified Box folder. Just by adding content to a folder, workers will know what the right next steps are and won’t have to manually manage their completion. This new functionality significantly increases an organization’s ability to deploy workflow automation across more parts of the business, accelerating cycle times and giving employees time back.

Ideas for how to use content upload triggers:

• When you add a new job requirement, Relay automatically kicks off a recruiting workflow
• When you add a new creative brief to your agency folder, Relay automatically sends that content to your agency to begin the approval process
• When you receive a contract proposal from a vendor, automatically launch the review and approval workflow
• When a field worker completes a form indicating an issue, trigger a back-office process to resolve the issue

Workflow API
This API expands the use cases of Relay, enabling developers to connect their core business systems (CRM, HR, ERP, etc.) to launch Relay workflows or trigger an action in the external system once the status of a workflow has changed. Unlike alternative technologies, once these systems are connected and processes naturally evolves, users can maintain and adjust their workflows without having to consult IT.

For example:

• When an employee record is added to your HR system, trigger an onboarding flow in Relay
• When a new account is added in your CRM, trigger the account assignment process
• When a form response indicates a technical issue, trigger a mitigation workflow

Pre-Built Templates
Now available in Relay, users can build templates from scratch, modify an existing template within their organization, or use one of the templates that come standard in Relay. This new functionality makes it even easier for IT teams to enable their users to get started with Relay. Existing templates available include contract review and approval, employee onboarding, and content creation.

Want to learn more about how workflow automation can transform your business? Read
Time Back, Tasks Done: How Workflow Technology Designed for Every Employee Is Simplifying the Day-to-Day,” from Forbes.

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