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Our New Product Ideas Lab is Live!

We know how essential it is to incorporate your input into our design and development process. Up until now, there have been multiple ways for you to provide that feedback, but we realize that there’s been a general lack of visibility into whether or not your suggestions had been heard and prioritized—as well as when or how you could expect to see them included in our roadmap.

We’ve heard you! We want to create a more permanent and direct link between your ideas and our product management and development teams—and to make sure that we are capturing your suggestions and priorities. We also want to dramatically increase the transparency in our communications back out to you, so we are thrilled to launch the IBM Connections Product Ideas Lab.  We hope this lab will play an important role in reshaping how our teams communicate with you.

As you will see, we are using Aha, the leader in product-roadmap software, to capture your ideas and requests. Aha was specifically chosen for its robust features and tight integration between the user-generated enhancement requests and the back-end product and release-management capabilities that will be used by the Connections product management and development teams. Aha will allow us to directly promote your ideas and track them in our development backlog, and it will also allow us to share status updates with you as a request moves through the review and development process, with automated email alerts sent out to those following the feature.


IBM Connections Product Ideas Lab

Status Update Categories and Meaning

Under review: The idea has been received and will be assigned a status by product management within two (2) weeks.

Future consideration: The idea is not currently in plan, but will likely be considered in the future.  The idea will be reevaluated in an agile manner during our roadmap-planning process to determine if it will be promoted to a planned feature.  At a minimum, all ideas will be reviewed at least quarterly.

Planned: It’s in our plan! This idea is currently under development for a near-term release.

Shipped – On-premisesThe idea has shipped and is available to Connections on-premises customers.

Shipped – Cloud: The idea has shipped and is available to Connections Cloud customers.

Shipped – On-premises and Cloud: The idea has shipped and is available to both Connections on-premises and Cloud customers.

No plans to implement: There are currently no plans to implement this idea. Product management will make a best effort to provide an explanation for this decision when the category is applied.

Already exists: The capability already exists in Connections.

Additional information required: The idea submitted requires more information from the submitter in order to be considered.


Here’s How to Get Started

Go to and search to see if your idea exists in the database. If so, log your vote so product management knows this is important to more than one customer or partner. If it’s not there, click on “add a new idea” and start sharing your request. We will ask for your email address and company name so that our product management team can contact you if additional information is required, but personal information will not be shown on the public site. If you previously worked with our support team and opened a ticket, there is an opportunity to include the case number in your idea submission for additional context.

We also hope that you will take a look around at other ideas and vote for the ones that you would like to see in Connections. This will have an impact on how fast and in what priority we add items to our roadmap. Simply click on the “vote” box of an idea and your vote will be recorded.

The submissions are organized by feature category to make it easier to browse and find other ideas you want to vote on. You can also filter ideas by status so you can see what’s being worked on or already shipped by clicking on the desired filter on the left navigation column.

Thank you for your help in making Connections awesome!

Director, Offering Management, IBM Collaboration Solutions

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