Letters from Leadership: David Byrd

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Letters from Leadership: David Byrd

As a Domino technical leader for over 20 years, I’m very excited to be engaged in shaping the #domino2025 roadmap and journey. The Domino platform and its strengths as a rapid application development environment have withstood the test of time. We have customers who have built thousands of Domino applications that power their day-to-day work and who want to develop new applications. That speaks to the reliability and trust customers have in the IBM Domino platform. 


While we prepare for the new paradigm with Domino V10 supporting node.js and cloud containerization technologies, I want to share what our team has working on in close partnership with Offering Management.   I lead the team that develops the IBM Domino Applications on Cloud offering. We understand our customers have developed many applications over the years and these applications represent years of experience, data, and investment. Our focus is on helping customers continue to derive value from their investments, while enabling their transition of these applications to a cloud model.


With Domino Applications on Cloud (DAC) we offer a flexible, subscription-based model that allows our customers to move their applications to our secure cloud while still using them every day. Customers can start with a trial subscription for 30 days and then move as few as 10 application databases (or as many as they want) to our environment. We manage Domino version upgrades, backups and provide a secure environment with encryption at rest and in transport. Our experts support the cloud environment ensuring availability of your applications and you can contact us with any issues. Additionally, we have consultants that can work with you on application specific needs.

We strive to address customer data residency requirements. Today we offer data centers in Dallas, Frankfurt and Tokyo. Customers can add development or test application instances and include services such as high availability clustering. We provide the application hosting services and customers continue to own, control and update their applications. We believe the ability to own design and development is important to our customers as these applications represent business and process innovations refined and enhanced over the years. 

Customer use cases for DAC are as varied as Domino applications and include customers who:


  • Are separating from a parent company who don’t have the knowledge or infrastructure to host their key Domino applications so are working with us to ensure their business applications remain available.
  • Have built web applications based on Domino and who want to expand their presence to other markets so are using DAC to make them available in other geographies.
  • Moved to SmartCloud Notes and want a more efficient lookup process so asked us to host their Public Name and Address book.
We believe DAC is a great way to get started on your cloud journey and want to work with you to ensure your success. Check out the information on our IBM Marketplace page, Domino Applications on Cloud, and sign up for a free trial. We’re continuing to look at ways to improve the service and offerings available and want your feedback. Send me an email at and let me know how DAC is working for you!


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