Help Us Make Domino Better: Our Product Ideas Lab

Help Us Make Domino Better: Our Product Ideas Lab


As you know, we’ve been reshaping how IBM’s Product Management engages and communicates with you, the Domino community, and ensuring those conduits are more robust and longer lasting than before.  
One of the changes we wanted to make since the #domino2025 jams was to create a more permanent and direct link between your ideas, product management and development. Also, we wanted to add transparency to the entire roadmap formulation process from requirements to product release. This was not possible with the mechanisms we previously had in place
Also, rather than being a single conduit for your valuable feedback, we believe we must have a multifaceted and high-touch approach to collecting your input, including webcasts, user group events and meetups, face-to-face design sessions, and the lab events such as the recent CWP Factory Tour in an efficient and structured way. 
V11 design session V11 design session_2
Today, we are adding another mechanism to add to the “roadmap feedback loop”: The #domino2025 Product Ideas LabIBM is committed to this solution for the foreseeable future, its is leading edge, and here to stay.  


We are using Aha, a leader in Product roadmap software to launch this. What’s unique about using Aha, is that our product management team (below) can triage your ideas, provide feedback, and ask questions of you about your input. Also, when you submit an idea, Aha tracks your idea from inception to an accepted state, to the backlog, and ultimately, to a release candidate. At each step, you will get automatic email notification. 
As we’ve said, our Bold Hairy Audacious Goal is the framework by which we use to balance the important capabilities we need strategically to move along our #domino2025 journey with the urgent items that need to be addressed in the short term. This means we can’t always deliver on the ideas that are submitted to us in the next release, i.e., sometimes we have to say, “not now.”
When you are about to submit an idea, please consider what I call the “Five Delighters,which make any business user’s, developer’s and administrator’s use of our Domino portfolio memorable and pleasurable. For example, ask yourself whether the idea you’re suggesting improves the:  
  1. User experience: ease of use, simplicity and speed to get things done  
  2. Offering experience: from installation, to configuration to deployment, and administration  
  3. Functionality and differentiation: missing, parity, “me too,” and competitive advantag—does it make the offering unique?
  4. Ease and range of Integration: products, ecosystems, data, applications, content, portfolios
  5. GTM experience: trial, buy, including distribution, pricing, and packaging  
Conveniently, we’ve organized the #domino2025 ideas portal and the submission of the ideas by product offering and we’ve also allowed for freeform ideas for App Dev, Mail and Chat. So, there are no guardrails. Also, we will add to this repository the ideas we collected from the #domino2025 jams that didn’t make it into V10.

Here’s how you get started, it couldn’t be easier: 

Go to, click on “Add a new idea” and you can add a new idea as guest. Or click the “Log in” button and provide your email, so that you can track your ideas.
PLEASE also take a look at other ideas and VOTE for them. This will have an impact on how fast and in what priority we add items to our roadmap.

And, finally, introducing the Domino portfolio Product Management team:

Andrew Manby
Director, Product Management

Barry Rosen
Senior Regional Director
Products and Platforms – Collaboration Workflow Platform, HCL

Business Offering Managers:

Kathryn Corey
Principal, Business Offering Manager
Domino Portfolio and Partnerships
Joe Stoistis
Sr. Business Offering Manager
Saas/Cloud and Partnerships
Jarrett Reiger 
Associate Offering Manager
New Projects 

Solution Offering Managers, Technical:

Klaus Roder
Program Director Offering Management
SCN/Verse, and Domino Ecosystem integration
Julie Reed 
Sr. Solution Offering Manager
Drew Birnbaum 
Sr. Solution Offering Manager
Verse on Premises, Notes, and Domino platform 
Thomas Hampel 
Solution Offering Manager
Application Development, Security, and Mobile
Please keep your ideas and feedback coming!