Domino App Modernization: How to modernize your apps in less than an hour with teamWorkr! – Apr 19 Webcast

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If you would like to watch the replay of the webinar, please click here.

On April 19, we shared how companies such as Strabag, Panasonic, and German Pension Fund were able to modernize thousands of their Domino applications with very little to no effort for hundreds of business users accessible from their desktops and mobile devices.

The session explained how these organizations were able to transform the user experience of thousands of applications into a modern web experience in a matter of months with teamWorkr from Team Technology.

On the call, Andreas Richter, Senior Developer at German Pension Fund (GPF), who serves around 50 million Germans, explained they were up and running on teamWorkr in two weeks, converted 1001 application in five months reusing 10 years’ worth of proven business logic, written in Lotus Script, running on Domino.

As part of our Domino Application Development vision, teamWorkr is a quick way to extend the reach, value and life of your applications with a modern and responsive HTML 5 look and feel that any administrator, savvy business user, or student can be taught achieve impressive results.

Here’s the demo from the webcast that explains how easy it is to work with teamWorkr and deliver a new user experience in a number of minutes:

Demo video

Here are the top business reasons why teamWorkr is interesting to clients:

1  The availability of a reliable solution without recoding, or moving off the Domino platform and  incurring a significant investment in building a new solution.

2  The strength of the Domino security system is fully maintained, so the data is secure, since teamWorkr uses an embedded Notes database.

3  The use of an existing Notes application which is proven over years and even decades without the need for additional testing.

4  The ability to automate the transformation of applications, thereby removing the need for manual intervention by a developer thereby saving time.

5 The ability to use existing resources and know-how in administration, development and application support, or anyone with HTML skills for the implementation and operation.


Try the demo for yourself:

Mobile or Browser & iPad

user: domino
password: 2025

Or, get a trial license.

Here’s the top FAQ from the webcast:

Q:  What are the minimum requirements to use teamWorkr with Domino?

A:  You’ll need Domino 8.5.3 or above, a running http-task, a signed teamWorkr console, a separate folder and access to the servers you will want to access databases on (i.e., the trusted server).

Q:  What changes to the hardware and software infrastructure are necessary?

A:  None, teamWorkr is a native Notes Domino application. Specifically, the teamWorkr console is a normal Notes database. No extra software needs to be installed.

Q:  What platform(s) will teamWorkr run on?

A:  All platforms Domino runs on today: Windows, Linux and iSeries.

Q:  What is the pricing model?

A:  Pricing is based on a per user basis for all applications.

Q:  How long does it take to become competent with using teamWorkr?

A:  There is a 2 hour guided tour, and you’re ready. From our experience, a Notes developer can become an expert within two weeks .

Q:  Does teamWorkr have the ability to handle workflow applications?

A:  Yes, we do support workflows based on Lotus Script and we support parts of domino.workflow. Also, we automatically use the locking feature of Domino to ensure only one person can edit a document at the same time.

Q:  Which languages do you support in teamWorkr?

A:  We provide support for English, German, Polish, Slovenian, and Swedish. However, you can add new languages since you only need to translate roughly 120 language keys.

Q:  Can I do some fancy HTML or web stuff?

A:  Yes, you can enrich existing forms with dynamic HTML at runtime.

For more information, please visit the teamWorkr site, or send an email to:

Director, Product Management, IBM Collaboration Solutions

Alex Romppel

Co-Founder, Team Technology GmbH

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