IBM Connections Customizer Is Now Available!

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The Connections Customizer is a new capability, freely available as a part of the IBM Connections Cloud offerings and IBM Connections (on-prem).  Customers and business partners, using Customizer, can better:

  • Modify the IBM Connections user interface using standard web technologies like JavaScript and CSS.
  • Ensure a better end user and employee experience.

Part of the Pink vision for IBM Connections is extensibility – i.e. that IBM Connections becomes a highly customizable and extensible platform. New “Pink” capabilities like Orient Me and the Important To Me bar are highly customizable for end users, and with Customizer, traditional Connections apps like Communities, Homepage, Profiles, Files, etc. will join the ranks.  You can now modify aspects of the look, feel, and behavior of Connections in a user friendly, low-code/no-code environment.

What is Customizer?

Customizer sits as a proxy between IBM Connections and the end-user, giving it the ability to intercept and modify requests and responses, and thus customize anything that flows through it. When Customizer sees a user request for Communities it can ask the IBM Connections App Registry if any customizations exist to modify the response. A customization typically takes the form of injecting JavaScript and/or CSS into the response to modify the UI layout or behaviour. The full workings and capabilities of Customizer are described in this , so dive right in to explore all the cool options!

Can You Use Customizer Today?

The Customizer is now available in the Americas and European Connections Clouds…coming soon to AP.  It is also available within IBM Connections Component Pack for on premises customers.

The Customizer benefits on premises customers by providing a means to standardize how they implement custom UI changes and provides a centralized place to maintain and update all related customization files.

Before using Customizer in the Connections Cloud, your organization must first register for the service by sending a mail to The email should include your name, organization name and organization id. Trial organizations are also eligible to use Customizer and can register in the same way. If you have already participated in the Customizer pilot program you do not need to re-apply as your organization is automatically enabled for the GA release. For pilot participants who wish to continue to use applications created during the pilot phase, you must migrate these applications to the production environment. This is a simple process which is explained here.

See how you can take advantage of Customizer!


Customizer can change how the Connections UI looks to create customizable branded pages as well as change the behavior of existing page components.


Customizer is used to change the look and feel of the native Connections UI.


Useful Resources:

Detailed information on developerWorks

Online Documentation

Customizer Video Series

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