New Verse On-Premises V1.0.2 Helps Turn Information Overload into Work that Matters

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This month, we’re debuting the latest version of IBM Verse On-Premises with exciting new changes to enhance the email experience. With focus on what really matters to your business, IBM Verse On-Premises (VOP) V1.0.2 comes with an updated user interface and major performance gains alongside an array of new features, like:

  • Customizable Action Support for Any User. Take advantage of Verse extension points to create and deploy customized capabilities that meet your business needs. Using little to no code, easily integrate Verse with other applications and design customized actions that users can take when reading, composing, or sending an email. Learn more about how to easily deploy and manage your extensions here:
  • Calendar Inbox. Make better decisions when responding to calendar notices by viewing your calendar at the same time in one convenient place.
  • Preview attachment. View Microsoft Office files, OpenOffice documents, and PDFs that arrive as email attachments with only one click via our embedded support for Microsoft Office binary formats such as .ppt and .doc. The update also includes seamless support for OpenOffice formats such as .odt and .ods and Microsoft Office XML-based formats such as .docx or .xlsx.
  • Support for IBM Connections v6.0. IBM Domino V9.0.1 Feature Pack 9 provides access to IBM Connections V6.0 Files and Profiles, enabling business cards, photos, and electronic email signatures in Verse.
  • Password Synchronization for Encrypted Messages. When reading an encrypted message, Verse On-Premises will now prompt you to enter the Notes password if the password entered does not match the HTTP password.

Verse On-Premises V1.0.2 is now live and can be accessed through your organization’s Passport Advantage site. Follow the set of VOP-specific installation instructions to download and install the new release within your on-premises Domino environment here:

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for new updates, such as support for a calendar and mail delegation model, as we continue to extend the functionality and experience of Verse for you and your team.

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Rolf-Thore Johansen

Missing bold folders for marking new mails.

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