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A GPS for Life and Work – Understanding Your Resiliency Growth Potential Strategy

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In life and work, every one faces challenges. Whether big or little, they require you to make a series of choices and actions that will lead you forward. Yet, how many times have you been faced with an obstacle – at home or work – that made you question or fear your next choice of action?

Eileen-McDargh_Resiliency-GPS_LeadersReadIn our upcoming #LeadersRead featured book for April, Your Resiliency GPS: A Guide for Growing through Life and Work, author Eileen McDargh speaks of the need to build true resiliency – one’s ability to grow forward through challenge or opportunity, become wiser, stronger, and better able to create a sustainable future.

Eileen highlights four specific skills needed to cultivate a resilient life, in addition to one’s capacity for “PREsilience” – which is being proactive in understanding the skills and actions that can be developed and taken prior to when they’re needed. Along with presilience, Eileen walks through how you can build your adaptability, agility, laugh-ability, and alignment skills.

What’s really helpful is that throughout the book, while teaching about each skill necessary to empower your resiliency, she has a GPS – Growth Potential Strategy. This GPS includes a series of actions and questions that will allow you to better understand your current situation, your strengths and areas for development, in addition to what steps you can take now to overcome life’s obstacles, grow forward, and revive the spark of hope, optimism, and self-leadership that can allow you to reach your full potential.

Stay tuned in April as we get a personal close-up with Eileen and continue to share how you can build your resiliency GPS.

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