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Recently I received an email from the IBM HR team to congratulate a teammate in a remote office on his 10th anniversary at IBM. Immediately a colleague of mine sitting next to me asked, how was it that this person had been here for 10 years, as he had only finished his sales initiation/training course a couple of years ago? I just happened to have known that he was an ex-IBMer who had left IBM and then returned, and IBM counted ALL the years he had been here over both stints.

Why do I share this small story? Because employees are our GREATEST assets – the way we treat them is a direct reflection of how well we can potentially perform as a company. Taking care of our employees and making them feel great about their role is as paramount as keeping our products innovative.

Here are some suggestions – things that we’ve done at IBM to ensure just that!

Automated time tracking records Managers no longer have to keep track of employee anniversaries – as an automated system is able to let them know all the years they’ve been in the job, including time that may have been before their official hiring date.

Team participation – Ensure that other employees are well aware of their anniversary by intelligently ensuring that the software knows the people s/he most closely associates with, then ask them to write a brief Congratulatory message with their best memory of them.

Reminder of what they mean – Recently I was lucky to be part of a team which went through an exercise in which each person told every other team member what they most liked about them. While the exercise may seem fruitless, it had the end result of making sure that people understood their value and that other people appreciate them – in other words, it showed the employee how great of a team player they really are!

Regardless of where you work, take a moment to thank each and every one of your teammates for what they mean to you. Remember to hold them in high regard, as you spend one-third of your life with them!

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Lance Fisher

Thank YOU Athar!!! Great post!

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