9 Ways to Spark Innovation with the Right Unified Collaboration Solution

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As data proliferates, the nature of work grows more complex. It becomes harder to find the person, expertise or information within the organization that can help us get our work done. Collaboration is the answer, but only if it’s done with the right tools. As the e-book “Empower Innovation with the Right Unified Collaboration Solution” says, “a robust collaboration solution should provide all of the basic tools for everyday work.”

The tools we use to get work done must be powerful, easy enough to adopt and use, and integrated with one another so that barriers to effective collaboration can’t form. It’s essential for employees to collaborate together in one virtual space, rather than resorting to downloading and using numerous Shadow IT solutions where sensitive information may be shared, and the pathway for security risks may be opened, unbeknownst to the company IT department. It’s not that employees are ill-intentioned by using risky applications not provided by the company; they simply seek to complete their work efficiently and will download and use whatever it takes to get the job done. When an organization provides a unified collaboration solution from the start, teams and organizations are enabled to work more effectively, connecting people to each other and to information in often unexpected ways. This leads to serendipitous synergies and discoveries, which are at the heart of innovation. And when infused with cognitive capabilities, tools have the ability to understand, reason, and learn from users and their behavior, optimizing the user experience and providing powerful personal assistance.

That’s not to say that the adoption of new tools hinders innovation. It’s that providing employees with an IT-sanctioned, unified set of tools that works for the entire organization can enable all of the company’s basic collaboration needs first. This will thwart the proliferation of disparate, unapproved tools which do not communicate with one another. These separate tools often perform the same tasks, but behind the scenes they may be posing security threats and putting the organization’s intellectual property at risk. When all their basic collaboration needs are met first, employees can be free to complement their unified collaboration solution with a few sanctioned, specialized tools and focus on innovation, instead of seeking replacements for the same collaboration tools over and over again.

Here are nine ways that having the right unified collaboration solution can spark innovation within your organization:

Digital, mobile and cloud technologies have changed the landscape of work, both enabling and complicating the collaboration that powers today’s businesses. It’s easier than ever before to find and download collaboration tools: but are they the right ones?


The right collaboration solution can drive improved ROI, lower total cost of ownership (TCO), increase efficiency and ultimately greater employee and customer satisfaction.


IBM Connections with IBM Verse combines business email with advanced collaboration tools into an integrated, easy-to-deploy, simplified package, available at competitive bundle pricing.


4. Deciding which solution best meets your needs can be more challenging than the migration itself. Following best practices—from setting objectives through migration and training—can help ensure success.


When planning a collaboration strategy, think beyond the company firewall. The ability to uncover trends and expertise from partners, vendors, and customers leads to better decision-making, innovation and insights.


6. Accessibility is increasingly important. A cloud-based solution makes knowledge sharing available to users regardless of their location, platform, device or relation to the enterprise.


7. The next evolution for collaboration platforms is cognitive analytics—a system that can think, reason and learn—to drive greatly enhanced user experience and productivity.


8. A single integrated collaboration solution can significantly reduce the presence of Shadow IT, with its associated risks of collaboration overload and compromised security.


IBM Connections and Verse is a security-rich cloud-based collaboration solution that helps clear clutter, boost efficiency, and facilitate business with customers, partners and colleagues.

To learn more about how you can empower innovation with the right collaboration solution, check out the eBook.

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