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Tweetchat to Explore Impact of “The Agility Shift” for Leaders, Teams and Organizations

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You’ve been there. That moment when the unexpected happens and your initial plans get completely altered due to a last-minute change. As a leader – whether you lead yourself, a small team or an entire organization – you have to prepare and adapt your behavior in order handle sudden changes that can have either a positive or negative impact.

In our upcoming tweetchat with Dr. Pamela Meyer, author of The Agility Shift: Creative Agile and Effective Leaders, Teams, and Organizations, you’ll learn what “the agility shift” is, and why it’s important for organizations to embrace it in order to remain competitive in today’s changing business landscape. You’ll also come to understand how to reach your business goals through improving agile performance, and ultimately, how to “make shift happen.”

Join us this Thursday, Aug. 18 at 1 PM ET via Twitter. Learn how to join our conversation below.

Tweetchat_SocBizBookClubHow can you join our tweetchat?

Follow @IBMSocialBiz and @pmeyerphd on Twitter. Remember to use #SocBizBookClub in your tweets in order for your responses to stay in the conversation.

How can you prepare for the tweetchat?

Take a moment to preview our upcoming questions below. Feel free to prepare your answers ahead of time. Many tweetchat attendees use A1, A2, A3, to allow others to see what question they’re providing feedback on.

 Tweetchat Questions (remember to use #SocBizBookClub in your tweet responses): 

Agility-Shift_Pamela-MeyerQ1: What are the most important aspects of agility?
Q2: What typically prohibits leaders, teams, and organizations from becoming more agile?
Q3: What is “The Agility Shift”?
Q4: How can one develop the competence, capacity, and confidence required for adapting and innovating?
Q5: Why should agile leaders encourage “play” (idea experimentation) within their teams?
Q6: Why is learning agility the most important leadership skill needed for success in changing contexts?
Q7: How can someone map their business ecosystem? Why is it significant?
Q8: How do you reinforce and recognize agile talent?
Q9: What are the benefits to becoming more agile as a leader, team, or organization?

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