5 Reasons People Get Swamped by Their Email

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Ah, email. From subject line to signoff to send, it makes our work lives infinitely easier. Right? Not necessarily. Our inboxes taunt us with their growing counts of unread messages. One misstep on the keyboard and we’ve shared a Mardi Gras invitation with the global team. And our most important files have a way of falling into the Bermuda Triangle.

 I have the same relationship with email that most people do. Fortunately, our developers have found a way to ease everyone’s email-swamped lives. We call it IBM Verse. It’s a clean, smart inbox—optimized for mobile, of course—that makes it easy to search, share, contextualize, prioritize, and take action on everything you’re juggling.

 It’s about time we had a new way to work. Here are the Top 5 reasons people get bogged down by email as we know it—and the IBM Verse solutions we can look forward to.

1.         “Inbox (287,392)”

 The client was supposed to reply on Tuesday. Or you were.

 That report was attached. Or was it?

 In the meantime, your goal of “inbox zero” has become a herd of wild zebras, out of control and impossible to tame. If only what you owed others—and what they owed you could appear in your line of sight whenever you opened your mail. That’s exactly how the interface works for IBM Verse.

2.         “FWD. FWD. FWD. CONFIDENTIAL!!! FWD.”

 You’re buried in an avalanche of cc’s, bcc’s and threads on emails you can’t remember asking for in the first place. That makes for constant distraction—and even worse, it drowns out the really important stuff.

 IBM Verse keeps those conversations quiet, so you can get the invitations, attachments and queries you actually need. And hear yourself think.

3.         “Super high-priority stuff to sort, June 2012?”

 Emails are stealthy. They hide in the shadows. And email folders act as their accomplices. When every label starts to look the same, you dread combing through them for that file you needed yesterday. Luckily, IBM Verse uses sets and faceted search, so you can find things fast.

4.         “BTW OOTO til 3…Thank U;)”

 There are good mysteries; Agatha Christie wrote a whole shelf of them. Figuring out who just emailed you is not a good mystery. In fact, it’s painful.

 IBM Verse gives the people in each message a profile that makes them, well, people, so you have enough context to help you decide how to respond.

 5. “Missed it, can you recap?”

 Your file sharing just fizzled out. You don’t want to miss a status update, and you have more windows open than Versailles in August. Why can’t tools play together nicely? IBM Verse creates order out of chaos, so multiple applications become social content that makes sense right away.

 To find out more about what’s next for email, take a look here:

 Hyperventilating is over—it’s time to breathe out.

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