Unlock the power of WebSphere z/OS on IBM Z

I’ve seen a lot of excitement from developers around the July 17th launch of the latest IBM Z hardware and software (z/OS), and justifiably so. There are clear, significant benefits of IBM Z, including its security, resiliency and performance characteristics that make it a platform worthy of running your mission-critical enterprise applications. And for all […]

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Exposing enterprise services using web API management solutions from IBM

Web application programming interfaces (APIs) are quickly establishing a mainstream position in the marketplace. As with any other business access route, the web API channel has to be secure and managed to ensure the necessary level of technical and business control. The purpose of this blog post is to provide a brief overview of the […]

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Back to the future: Why z/OS mainframe is the ideal cloud platform

By Pat Toole and Frank DeGilio Fifty years ago, IBM CEO Thomas Watson Jr. unveiled the System/360—the first general purpose computing system specifically designed for business—calling it “the beginning of a new generation, not only of computers, but of their applications in business, science and government.” It was this vision for computing that made possible […]

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