virtual servers

Bare metal vs. virtual servers: Which choice is right for you?

Before thinking about servers, imagine you need to practice for a triathlon. You probably need appropriate equipment and clothing. In terms of your IT workloads, it is pretty much the same. You need the appropriate server for the best performance. Cloud providers in the market may make some assumptions about all resources in the cloud […]

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SoftLayer Santa: A cloud offering for multiple architectures

My six-year-old son asked me once, “Where does Santa live?” My answer was, “Somewhere behind the clouds.” A few months later, he overheard one of my cloud computing calls and immediately reacted by asking what I was saying about the cloud. “This is Santa’s place,” he said. “How is it related to your office work?” Needless to say, I had no answer.

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How to keep your Virtual Center running without interruption

Downtime can easily be avoided when running the VMWare Virtual Center.

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