Cloud-based video analytics drive actionable insights

Keeping up with hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of hours of video can be a difficult task for any enterprise, institution or service provider. Beyond just storage, extracting valuable insights from this seemingly unending and rapidly expanding pool of data might seem beyond impossible. Whether videos are generated in marketing campaigns, training videos, […]

3 key ways streaming video helps with delivering tough corporate news

Whether it’s a lower-than-expected earnings period or layoffs, every company has to find a way to announce bad news. Historically, the news was delivered with a memo or in an in-person meeting, but these no longer suffice as workforces become increasingly distributed. Fortunately, the introduction of streaming video technology has upended how businesses communicate changes to large numbers of workers for the […]

Watson, what should I watch tonight?

The world is consuming an amazing amount of streaming video content. From silly internet videos to binge watching hours of the latest trending show, the average person’s appetite for streaming video content is tremendous. By 2021, the research firm MarketsandMarkets expects the market to reach $70 billion. To compete in this increasingly crowded space, providers must […]

Corporate training is about to get a whole lot smarter

Video’s power to engage makes it a go-to tool for employee onboarding and training, especially among companies looking to reach large groups through a single stream. A majority of organizations surveyed by Wainhouse Research use online video for one-to-many training scenarios. But companies that merely accumulate volumes of training video, risk diminishing returns without a […]

Improving video engagement with an assist from Watson

Living in the golden age of video is a blessing and a curse. There’s more video content than ever to choose from, but we can spend more time deciding than actually watching. It’s a frustrating experience for consumers, but it’s especially worrisome for video content providers. As a result, media and entertainment companies are shifting […]

The future of streaming video is dependent on analytics

The rapid growth of streaming video and internet-based television has empowered viewers to watch the content of their choice whenever they want, wherever they want, as often as they wish. Yet there are still pain points around the viewing experience, from irrelevant ads to compounding subscription fees and technical challenges to a lack of compelling […]

Hybrid cloud powers fan engagement at Wimbledon

Qualifying for the Wimbledon tennis tournament started June 20, and fans are going to get more up-to-date information about what’s happening on the court than ever before thanks to IBM hybrid cloud technology. For example, the new Cognitive Command Center will take in social media conversations from around the globe to determine the most popular […]

Video will transform your business: Plan for it at InterConnect

If you were reading this blog just three years in the future, would it still be static text on a screen? Or would it be an engaging visual experience in the form of a video? IBM predicts that by 2019, up to 90% of all consumer internet traffic will consist of video. But you don’t […]

Real-time, cloud-based video on rise

Each day we each experience the power of real-time video – to inform us, to educate us, to entertain us and to connect us to each other. This new ‘high-fidelity’ world of video communications spans our personal and professional lives. So, as businesses consider how to communicate effectively with their employees, partners, vendors and customers […]

Video, media, and their rapid evolution in the cloud

Enterprise Cloud Platforms are fundamentally changing how the world’s data is processed, stored and delivered. And, as we have seen, that data is no longer just structured data, but increasingly unstructured. Importantly, no data type is growing faster than video. Video is how we are entertained, how we are informed, how we learn and how […]

NAB 2015 showcases cloud’s crucial role in video

At this week’s National Association of Broadcasters’ NAB 2015 show in Las Vegas, cloud, and its increasing role in media management, will share the stage with conference sessions on broadcast engineering and technology in cinema, and preview the kinds of technology that are likely to power enterprise video needs in the near future. Last year, […]

Run mobile workloads using IBM Worklight and Zend PHP on the cloud

In this proof of concept, the author uses IBM Worklight as the front-end platform and the Zend Server as the back-end platform.