Achieve DevOps with UrbanCode and IBM Cloud Orchestrator

With the introduction of OpenStack Heat, you can now deploy an entire cloud application, defined as a template, in a single shot. Before Heat, OpenStack cloud resources needed to be provisioned individually and combined together to build the application. For example, you would request two compute resources separately, and then you would need a network […]

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How software-defined environments and DevOps accelerate social and mobile delivery — Part 2

In my first post, I discussed how combining deployment automation and software-defined environments (SDE) reduces application delivery time and increases agility.  In this post, I look at these two solutions in greater depth. In summary, the two solutions deliver the following benefits: • Deployment automation streamlines the deployment of applications to the development, test and […]

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It’s all about the speed: DevOps and the cloud

As I explained in my earlier blog post, “Cloud accelerates the evolution of mankind,” I believe that cloud has the power to change the world. It achieves this by giving us speed—and this has an exponential affect. When I first became a professional software developer in the late 1980s, we spent two years designing and […]

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