UP Conference Virtual Event Summary

The virtual component of the UP Conference featured 3 IBM presentations. “Lessons Learned The impact on the future of Cloud and Standards," “Real client innovation in the cloud," and “The Cloud Computing Paradigm Transforming Business, Technology.” These presentations went through the current state of cloud computing and helped define the next steps for cloud.

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UP Conference: Mountain View Recap

The UP Conference was an excellent opportunity to meet with innovators of the cloud industry. IBM presented two key presentations one on “Next Generation Cloud Platforms – accelerating time to market” and one presentation on “Real-Time Behavioral Insight into Consumer Interaction.”

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UP Conference pre-conference thoughts

The UP 2011 Cloud Computing Conference is occurring in Northern California from December 5 through December 9. I look forward to attending the conference because I believe it will have a lot of valuable information about how the latest trends and innovations in cloud can immediately solve business challenges.

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