The solution to AI and jobs Is training, not taxes

Let’s take a breath: robots and artificial intelligence systems are nowhere near displacing the human workforce. Nevertheless, no less a voice than Bill Gates has asserted just the opposite and called for a counterintuitive, preemptive strike on these innovations. His proposed weapon of choice? Taxes on technology to compensate for losses that haven’t happened. AI […]

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How Watson helps H&R Block deliver engaging customer experiences

Just under three-fourths of US citizens get tax refunds every year, according to H&R Block CEO Bill Cobb. For H&R Block customers, the number is higher; it’s closer to 85 percent. Now that IBM Watson is helping H&R Block tax professionals guide customers through the filing process, the company is aiming to make that number […]

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H&R Block teams with IBM for cloud-based Watson tax services

If you watched Sunday’s big game, you may have caught H&R Block’s new ad that highlights an initiative to use cloud-based IBM Watson services to help customers make sense of the time-consuming and often confusing process of filing their taxes. The first phase of the two companies’ collaboration involves training Watson to knowledgeably answer the […]

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