Sonian’s bet on cloud pays big

When Sonian launched its cloud-based email archiving solution in 2007, the company was ahead of the curve. “Our founders took a bet that cloud was going to be the future for how enterprises store and retrieve information,” says Derek Peplau, Sonian vice president of marketing. “We like to think that we were cloud before it […]

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Working to extend our cloud with Sonian

I have spoken with Joe Kinsella of Sonian about Sonian's movement to IBM cloud and identification of a necessity within its ecosystem.

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IBM Cloud Ecosystem: Spotlight on Sonian

Over the last few months, Sonian has shown its value as a truly unique cloud vendor as it begins to expand the IBM cloud's capabilities, so I thought it was due time to work with Sonian on relaying the company’s words to the global cloud community.

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