Implement your private cloud with IBM SmartCloud Entry

I was inspired to write this post after attending an IBM Pulse 2014 session presented by Philippe Labussière, cloud director at Sogeti, and Guilhaume Garcia, cloud IT specialist from the IBM Client Center in Montpellier, France. By demonstrating a live environment managing four different clouds, they showed us how easy cloud usage could be. So on this […]

Making eMotion green: An IBM SmartCloud platform for electric cars

In the Green eMotion (GeM) project, IBM is helping to develop electric vehicle solutions

Q & A with Lance Crosby, CEO, SoftLayer

Three questions with Lance Crosby, CEO of SoftLayer, regarding today's announcement.

Achieving IBM Cloud Computing Certification

This article gives tips on how to prepare for the IBM Cloud Computing Certification Program.

How cloud computing is impacting everyday life

I want to reflect on the effects of cloud computing's systemic changes to our lives in this post.

IBM CCRA release 3.0 – How does it affect me?

In this article I will present my first impressions on the CCRA 3.0 and what it can help me with in my daily work on cloud solutions.

Innovations in federal cloud put me on cloud nine

I have longed for some dedicated resources from all parts of IBM, including research that would collaborate with federal agencies and other clients to further the adoption of cloud computing across the government. And it seems that my wishes have come true, as we now have 500 employees aligned to a new center to bring this much-needed innovation. I am of course referring to the IBM Federal Cloud Innovation Center (FCIC) in Washington, DC.

Four simple steps to cloud adoption

It has become vitally important for organizations to be cloud players. They must be innovative with their IT transformation approaches in building flexible and agile business systems such as Customer Resource Management (CRM) systems, storage systems, complex process automation and for leveraging social media and mobile technologies.

Enterprise IT: Tear down your walls!

In far too many of my client engagements, the enterprise IT team remains a siloed, disparate group of technical professionals.

5 steps to move your SAP application to IBM Cloud

Last month, I was in a meeting with an IT manager from Brazil. After a few hours discussing options for their SAP implementation strategy, I realized that there were many times I had already explained how IBM can easily migrate SAP environments to cloud.

Being smart with IBM SmartCloud for SAP

Change, we are told, is inevitable. This is not just a spiritual maxim but something enterprises are experiencing day in and day out in their business.

Uncovering the benefits of software as a service (SaaS)

Perhaps you've heard about software as a service (SaaS), but you're unsure of what benefits it could provide. SaaS has several advantages for users and service providers when compared with the traditional way of installing applications.