Summary of 2012 IBM Technical World for Smarter Computing Conference

I just returned from the 2012 IBM Technical World for Smarter Computing Conference that took place from April 15 - 19 in San Francisco. I want to share my impressions with you, while they are still fresh in my mind.

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I’ve virtualized my systems…isn’t that a cloud?

When many people think of cloud computing they immediately think of virtualization and virtual machines in particular. This is completely natural and not at all surprising. After all, one of the core underlying technologies used in cloud computing is virtualization. However, it is important not to confuse one element of cloud computing with the entire thing – and this can sometimes happen.

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Stormy forecast: Private clouds on the horizon are growing in importance

The ease of use and agility that one experiences with public clouds can be replicated in a private manner for enterprises. This is especially useful to enterprises that are worried about security or that want more control over where their data and software are setup and reside. So, private clouds can be seen as a microcosm of public clouds…Although this view is true, it is also not complete.

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