Apple’s iCloud: Why should we care?

In the technology world, cloud computing seems to be the new black. This was recently underlined by Apple’s announcement of iCloud at their recent developer. This could be considered great news for the Cloud industry. You know you’ve arrived as an industry when a consumer giant like Apple brings the concept to the consumer space […]

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Cloud security considerations

When looking to move workload to cloud environments, most Chief Information Officers will say that security is the number one concern. To address those concerns, IT organizations must consider several aspects of security to ensure they do not put their organizations at risk as they explore cloud computing. Some of these concerns regarding security have […]

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IBM Workload Deployer: Application-centric cloud platform (Part 2 of 3)

IBM Workload Deployer focuses on an application-centric model, defining virtual application patterns that incorporate capabilities such as autonomic scaling, caching, load balancing, and so on. It promotes the concept of deploying and managing your application workloads in a shared, self-managed environment rather than manually creating and managing the application middleware topologies. This concept promises to […]

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