Enterprise cloud strategy: Applications and data in a multi-cloud environment

Say you’ve decided to hedge your IT bets with a multi-cloud environment. That’s excellent, except, what’s your applications and data strategy? That’s not an idle question. The hard reality is that if you don’t coordinate your cloud environments, innovative applications will struggle to integrate with traditional systems. Cost management, security and compliance — like organizational […]

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Data and application portability in the hybrid cloud

You know those messages that show up sometimes when you’re logging into your bank account to check your balance? They’re the ones that say something like, “Due to scheduled maintenance, access to online banking will be limited,” usually over the weekend in the middle of the night. Would you miss them if they went away? […]

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Hybridization: A question of portability and interoperability

What you can do now to ensure portability and interoperability in cloud computing.

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