object storage

Object storage benefits, myths and options

Object storage is a relatively new option for data storage, optimized for general binary or unstructured data, often multimedia. It has gained a lot of importance in the last few years due to the exponential growth of audio, video and images on the web, and thanks to the huge growth of mobility and social networks. […]

IDC stacks up top object storage vendors

If you’ve been thinking about object storage for just backup and archive, you’ve missed a turn. In a digital transformation journey, like many that I’ve seen in enterprises, managing unstructured content is key. The latest “MarketScape: Worldwide Object-Based Storage 2016 Vendor Assessment” from IDC reminds us that: Digital assets are the new IP and many […]

What traditional enterprises should know about object storage

Object storage is often a tale of two cities. If you run a cloud savvy organization or develop cloud-native applications, you get it and you employ it. Think of mobile applications we use each day: social mobile, collaborative applications in which object storage is foundational. On the other hand, if you represent an enterprise, corporation […]

Why businesses shouldn’t settle on a simple storage solution

To date, the business community, including startups and entrepreneurs, have had only simple storage solutions to choose from on the cloud. Or they’ve had outdated, pricey software, hardware and appliance solutions from legacy storage providers. In today’s business world, this no longer works. Not with IDC’s predicted data growth of 44 zettabytes by 2020, fueled […]

Hybrid cloud storage: Past, present and future

Many CIOs and line-of-business leaders say flexible cloud solutions can make their businesses more innovative, agile and competitive. They understand the value that vast amounts of data can bring to their business. But that data requires storage solutions that can adapt to many types of use cases and work with on-premises, off-premises and hybrid cloud […]

IBM to boost object storage capability with Cleversafe acquisition

IBM today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the Chicago-based object storage solution provider Cleversafe, Inc. The move further solidifies IBM’s commitment to providing a comprehensive set of hybrid cloud deployment options and storage innovation. Cleversafe provides a software-defined object storage solution that enables performance-optimized storage at petabytes of scale. Cleversafe helps […]

Four storage options on IBM SoftLayer

In an ever-changing cloud world, innovations happen quickly and new offerings and capabilities are available at a rapid pace. Storage on the cloud is one key topic that has resonated with several clients I’ve recently helped. Cloud storage has even been the subject of a few headlines in the news recently with celebrity hacks. In […]

What about storage?

Cloud storage offers a true consumption-based approach.