3 tips for networking in the cloud-hosted economy

In a distributed and connected cloud-hosted application economy, networking plays a key role. Companies looking to host their workloads with cloud service providers (CSPs) must make informed decisions on how to connect to cloud infrastructures. When choosing CSPs, companies sometimes overlook the importance evaluating networking options. It’s not just about having a network connection, it […]

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Enterprise cloud strategy: Platforms and infrastructure in a multi-cloud environment

In past posts about multi-cloud strategy, I’ve focused on two principles for getting it right — governance and applications and data — and their importance when working with a cloud services provider (CSP). The third and final element of your multi-cloud strategy is perhaps most crucial: platform and infrastructure effectiveness to support your application needs. […]

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Do we still need system administrators in the cloud?

As more and more infrastructure, applications and services are moved to the cloud, the role of the system administrator is questioned.

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