The top 10 Thoughts on Cloud articles of 2016

2016 has been a year of twists and turns. The news of the year has often been surprising and occasionally been shocking. In the world of cloud computing, the surprises have come in the form of innovative, clever ways cloud technology is being put to use. From facilitating live-streaming video from space missions to enabling […]

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Houston, we’re live streaming: Cloud video brings NASA missions to Earth

Since people around the world first gathered around black-and-white televisions to watch the 1969 moon landing, the general public has been fascinated by space, craving more visual information about the final frontier. At NASA today, we are on a mission to find new ways to share our discoveries on Earth and in space. Before the […]

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What is OpenStack?

IBM is working on OpenStack - but what does that mean for the future of cloud?

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