What are the sources of a technology decision delay?

Insurance companies are frequently in a quandary. Faced with changing regulations, mergers and acquisitions, and increased competition, prioritizing these challenges alone can be cumbersome. Throw in the decision to invest and implement an Enterprise Content Management system, and it can feel downright impossible and intimidating. It is easy to focus on the investment costs and […]

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Leveraging Datacap for Large Volume Insurance Operations

Online forms, paperless processing, mobile applications, digital transformation – all part of the wave of the future.  Still, today’s property and casualty insurers remain inundated by paper. One large national insurer recently upgraded their entire ECM infrastructure from FileNet Image Services to FileNet Content Manager, including the replacement of number of ingestion channels with Datacap. […]

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Empower Your Claims Reps by Putting Content to Work

Imagine cutting 13 minutes off the time it takes to process every claim. Now… Multiply 13 minutes by the number of claims a single handler processes in one week Multiply that time by the number of handlers your institution has Finally, multiply that by the 52 weeks in a year That’s how much time your […]

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