IBM SmartCloud resilience

Business resilience provides a number of cost efficiencies that can save you money immediately as well as provide long-term returns on your investments. Mitigate risk: You can avoid the costs of downtime, including brand damage and market share lost to competitors, and reduce the financial impact of business disruptions. Protect brand and revenue: Properly assessing […]

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IBM at Structure 2011

Want to know about the cloud M&A landscape, how to win in cloud or curious about cloud opportunities in international markets such as Latin America? Join IBM at Structure 2011. IBM speakers and presenters will be covering the below topics in workshop sessions plus demonstrations in the networking area kiosk. Partner with IBM to win […]

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Leveraging cloud for business process management

As cloud offerings graduate from pure infrastructure services to higher level business services, enterprises are investigating how to harness cloud for their business process initiatives. Many enterprises and vendors get stuck into having a version of Business Process Management (BPM) technology suite running on the cloud. That is only part of the puzzle. Several other […]

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