IBM cloud revenue up 35 percent in 2016

For anyone with any lingering doubts about the rapid growth of cloud computing, look no further than IBM fiscal year 2016 cloud revenue for proof. Total cloud revenue hit $13.7 billion on the year, which represented a 35 percent increase. The cloud as-a-service annual revenue run rate trended upward to $8.6 billion in 2016, a […]

IBM wins Frost & Sullivan 2016 Cloud Company of the Year award

Market research firm Frost & Sullivan has conferred its 2016 Cloud Company of the Year award to IBM, citing hybrid integration and affordability as major factors. Lynda Stadtmueller, Vice President of Cloud Services for Stratecast/Frost & Sullivan, explained the choice of the IBM Cloud platform because it “supports the concept of ‘hybrid integration’ — that […]

Anxiety-free app configurations with WAS, PureApplication and UCD

Almost every IT operations manager groans when forced to migrate to a new software version. No matter how convinced they are about the need to migrate, they worry about the business risks associated with a migration gone wrong. With support ending for Java SE 6, migrating to WebSphere Application Server Version 9.0 (WAS V9) from […]

Cloud computing changes IT job roles

IT job roles and responsibilities have changed as a cloud-based delivery model has become the norm for IT infrastructure. For the majority of IT jobs, cloud proficiency has become standard, a pre-requisite key word for every resume. A quick search for “cloud” skills on job sites like or reveal more than 800 jobs […]

OpenStack: The myth of the middle

The middle is where self-declared reasonable minds gather to split the difference between seemingly irresolvable extremes. And so it is with OpenStack. Back in the wild-West days of Diablo and Essex, agile app dev ardents attracted by the open alternative of OpenStack had two choices: build it yourself (DIY), or sign up with Rackspace. Polar […]

Securing the Internet of Things: This decade’s IT challenge

The Internet of Things (IoT) trend is such a hot topic today… and for good reasons. There is no doubt that a world with a fully functional collection of IoT systems will bring tremendous benefits to our work and personal lives. Let’s look at just three examples. Sensors in roads and in cars will tell […]

5 ways cloud can help you innovate

Despite the prevailing wisdom that cloud is disrupting established business—and it is—many business leaders are uncertain  about how to take advantage of cloud computing’s benefits. My analysis of more than 100 cloud projects of varying sizes over the last six years shows that successful projects use one or more of the following five actions: 1. […]

IBM and Box link up to integrate enterprise cloud offerings

It’s a match made in cloud. IBM and Box have announced a partnership that’s already been labeled “huge,” “wide-ranging,” and “major.” Box will fold IBM Watson analytics and security into its current capabilities, and allow users to store their data on the IBM Cloud. IBM, meanwhile, will incorporate Box into its email and enterprise applications, […]

Node.js embarks on open governance journey

I can’t say it enough: Open governance matters. The move to open across cloud, mobile, data and analytics  is real, and it’s very important to customers and developers alike. Just in case you thought I was the only one saying this, check out the Node.js community announcement. Node.js is officially open. The announcement is pretty straightforward. […]

Tech.London: Innovation unleashed in the digital heart of Europe

As you may be aware, London is the digital capital of Europe, and it continues to see explosive growth in innovation and technology. In the first quarter of 2015 alone, investors pumped a record-breaking £459 million in venture capitalist funds into London’s digital sector. Today, the Mayor of London and Gust (in partnership with IBM) […]

Three imperatives for a successful hybrid cloud model

Increasingly, organizations are looking to cloud services to respond to the need for speed, flexibility and containing costs. As cloud becomes more strategic to the business, the hybrid cloud is becoming the optimal method for delivering services in a predictable and secure manner. Hybrid cloud environments allow businesses to quickly react to market changes and […]

Blue Box founder Jesse Proudman: Joining IBM was ‘best move’

Blue Box is now part of Big Blue. IBM today announced that it has reached a deal to acquire innovative cloud company Blue Box. The Seattle-based startup helps its clients tap into its OpenStack-powered hosted private cloud service, which promises to fit with IBM’s ongoing emphasis on open cloud technologies like OpenStack and Cloud Foundry. […]