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Industry experts weigh in on the future of automation and DevOps

Application teams need reporting. They specifically need pipeline analytics to measure and optimize metrics, such as deployment frequency and deployment success, to find and fix practices that are slowing them down and orchestrate releases. In its latest Continuous Delivery and Release Automation Wave Report, Forrester noted that reporting can be a “weak spot” for much […]

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Introducing IBM UrbanCode Deploy on Cloud

Imagine doing application deployments from the cloud. Today, many companies have strategic initiatives to move as many applications as they can to the cloud.  In his report Six Trends That Will Shape DevOps Adoption in 2017 And Beyond, Robert Stroud, principal analyst serving infrastructure and operations professionals at Forrester Research, writes: Cloud is no longer […]

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With DevOps, NBCUniversal massively reduces app release times

When you think about companies that employ DevOps practices, what comes to mind? Many people think of born-on-the-cloud startups built for market disruption and innovation, such as Uber. Increasingly, long-standing enterprises are eyeing DevOps, too. Take, for example, NBCUniversal, which uses DevOps to streamline time to market for new applications, increase application code quality, and […]

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