HR and the cloud: A powerful combo for the empowered workforce  

Gartner reports more than 80 percent of all talent management suite deployments are happening in the cloud, while only 15 percent were deployed on-premises.  It’s no surprise that HR is now done in the cloud. Agile and efficient, software-as-a-service solutions speed time to value, provide better economics than on premise solutions, and enable business leaders, […]

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Does cloud computing drive business agility?

Over the past few months, I’ve been talking to people about business agility. I recently attended the IBM Pulse 2014 conference where business agility and cloud computing were talked about at length. I heard business agility discussed strategically in keynote presentations and breakout sessions. Robert LeBlanc, Senior Vice President of Software and Cloud Solutions at […]

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Do you have a self-healing cloud?

Recently, a business analyst shared her organization’s experience replacing its Human Resources (HR) application. She went on to tell me that the “Cloud HR application was self-healing.” I was amused with her statement and asked her to explain it.

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