3 key ideas to help drive compliance in the cloud

Deploying critical data and workloads in a cloud environment can drive numerous benefits such as reduced costs and increased time to market on product and services. When designing a strategy for regulatory compliance in cloud deployments, however, IT leaders must first make some big decisions. For example, the choice of public, private or hybrid cloud […]

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3 tips for networking in the cloud-hosted economy

In a distributed and connected cloud-hosted application economy, networking plays a key role. Companies looking to host their workloads with cloud service providers (CSPs) must make informed decisions on how to connect to cloud infrastructures. When choosing CSPs, companies sometimes overlook the importance evaluating networking options. It’s not just about having a network connection, it […]

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Is cloud computing secure?

Cloud is everywhere, and it is penetrating our lives and the industry more and more, even if it is not physically visible to us. This fact may contribute to one of the major concerns about cloud: IT security and privacy. News about breaches into server systems, leaks in social media networks, industrial espionage in well-established […]

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