3 ways to avoid failure in application deployment

In my previous post, I discussed six causes of system failures and their resulting negative impacts for enterprises. How can one one avoid failure? 1. If you have not yet built your DevOps practice, now is the time. DevOps increases the feedback loop exchange from ideas to customer feedback. Automating the application release and deployment […]

The retailer cloud journey: An incremental climb

As a Cloud Advisor who supports several retail clients, it’s impressive to see a company mature in its cloud adoption and realize true value in its business transformation. One such story is of a major U.S. retailer’s journey to cloud. It’s a story that’s still being written.  But how did this story begin? It started […]

Travel and transportation in the cloud cognitive era

In my capacity as a Cloud Advisor, I’ve had several discussions with clients in the travel and transportation (T&T) industry over the past 18 months. During one initial discussion with a large airline, the client’s enterprise architect posed a targeted question to the IBM team: “What are the industry disruptors and what can we do […]

Most enterprises tailor hybrid cloud to their specific needs

CIOs, CTOs and all line-of-business leaders looking to gain differentiation and strategic advantage: you’ve come a long way in the last four years when it comes to cloud technology. That’s one of the key takeaways from a new IBM Institute for Business Value report, Tailoring Hybrid Cloud. My co-authors — IBMers Justin Chua, Robert Freese, […]

Kiwi.com offers flights for up to 90 percent less with a cloud-based ticketing portal

In 2012, Kiwi.com founder Oliver Dlouhy was looking for an affordable flight from the Czech Republic to Portugal. Noting the expense of the direct flight options available online, Dlouhy spent a day combing through various websites, finally purchasing two less costly flights from different airlines. The lengthy process inspired Dloughy to create a new online […]

IBM and VMware, better together

Some things naturally go well together. Peanut butter and jelly. Cookies and milk. My face and a glass sliding door when playing Pokemon Go. And yes, you can add IBM Cloud and VMware to that list. If you rewind to six months ago, we were in Las Vegas on a stage shaking hands as IBM […]

IBM expands partner ecosystem for VMware users moving to the cloud

More and more organizations are moving their enterprise workloads to the cloud, but they don’t just get there through magic. Often, there’s a lot of expense and risk involved. Occasionally, entire IT operations have to be overhauled. It’s a big challenge. To face down that challenge, IBM and VMware joined forces earlier this year to […]

Enabling hybrid cloud apps and multi-speed IT

With the evolution of the cloud, startups seem to have it easy. They come up with an idea, implement it on the cloud, and deploy continuously right away. For companies that have developed software for years, either for internal use or to sell, things are more complicated. Those companies invested in their applications and will […]

A practical guide to platform as a service: PaaS benefits and characteristics

One of the major benefits of platform as a service PaaS is its ability to improve a developer’s productivity. PaaS provides direct support for business agility by enabling rapid development with faster and more frequent delivery of functionality. It does this through continuous integration techniques and automatic application deployment. PaaS also enables developers to realize […]

4 key design considerations for a multi-tenant cloud

Cloud uses multi-tenancy to share IT resources, software and services in a cost efficient and secure way. Ever wondered what it takes to achieve multi-tenancy in a hybrid cloud? This intrigued me until I was involved in designing multi-tenant cloud solutions. Multi-tenancy is not new. We have been using it in various forms, one common […]

Hybrid cloud storage: Past, present and future

Many CIOs and line-of-business leaders say flexible cloud solutions can make their businesses more innovative, agile and competitive. They understand the value that vast amounts of data can bring to their business. But that data requires storage solutions that can adapt to many types of use cases and work with on-premises, off-premises and hybrid cloud […]

The impact of discipline and standards in automaking and software

This is the third in a series of three articles examining how a disciplined approach can help maximize the value of software innovations. The automotive industry had endured the same growing pains as software products and services, with missed deadlines, over-budget projects and failures to live up to customer expectations. Automakers leveraged the knowledge of […]