energy industry

Performance for Assets uses cloud to increase wind farm output

Demand for wind energy is soaring. The European Union (EU) has set a target to increase the share of energy consumed from renewable sources to 20 percent by 2020. Wind energy is now the second leading form of power generation capacity in the region. To capitalize on this opportunity, wind turbine operators must maintain a […]

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Will cloud computing be a game changer in the energy sector?

Reducing resource waste is on everyone’s mind these days, and “going green,” even if it’s not on the top of everybody’s agenda, is still the right thing to do. Did you know that cloud computing is helping to reduce the environmental impact of computing services and infrastructure? This includes carbon emissions from data centers as […]

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Electro shock: The future of energy industry and cloud computing

Humans tend to think that we today are the perfect product, sort of the crown of evolution based on billions of years on the planet Earth. Surprisingly, this can be questioned by saying that now evolution has a negative gradient, with the next generations less advanced than their predecessors. You can see this devolution if […]

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