Cloud computing: Our next public utility?

Whenever I try to understand a new concept, I take a quick look at Wikipedia, where you can usually get a basic overview of a concept. A few years ago, I read of a concept started by John McCarthy from the early 1960s about how computation may someday be organized as a public utility. When […]

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Making SmartCloud Enterprise+ elastic

SmartCloud Enterprise can be used to make SmartCloud Enterprise+ elastic.

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Elastic resources for dynamic clouds

The concept of Elastic IP (EIP) and Elastic Block Storage (EBS) was initially introduced by Amazon EC2 as a way to decouple the resources assigned to a cloud user from his utilization. In other words, as a cloud user, you can reserve an elastic resource and assign it to one of the VMs you own, but you can also reassign it to a separate VM whenever you need (for example, when you need to replace your VM with a new one).

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